UFC 10 most TERRIFYING fighters EVER!

Most intimidating MMA fighters

Welcome to another episode of Primal MMA. My name is Eric and today we have a special episode for you! For an average sports fan, the thought of watching two people battling barehanded inside a cage is scary enough. But when some fighters look like monsters, watching this brutal combat sport becomes an extremely terrifying experience. In this video, we will take a rundown of the 10 most intimidating fighters in MMA history.

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Number 10

Dan Henderson

Dan was a dramatic character. He was the kind of calm and funny guy with whom you’d want to watch a movie but if you see him inside the octagon, you’ll run for cover. He had that ability to become menacing in the ring. He competed his way up from the middleweight to the heavyweight, taking on some of the biggest names of the time. In fact, he was the fourth man to beat the legendary Russian Emelianenko Fedor. The iconic American martial artist will be remembered as one of the most imposing characters to ever walk the mat.

Number 9

Mark Hunt

Hunt came to the UFC by accident as he was a street brawler who saw K-1 kickboxing as a natural destination for his skills and instincts. The intimidating super Samoan then veered to Pride fighting where he suffered five straight losses. But when UFC happened, he turned into one of the scariest guys in the Octagon. Hunt is a hefty guy and can easily pass off as a WWA fighter but he is far quicker on the mat. He is capable of delivering killer blows that have made him known for his one-punch knockouts at the heavyweight. He will forever be remembered as a walk-off king.

But Hunt is a compassionate man inside that scary shell. He is an advocate of the Ali Act which he believes would help fighters discover their worth and receive a much-deserved payday.

Number 8

Chuck Liddell 

Chuck Lidel’s moniker “Iceman” wasn’t inspired by the snobby character in the Tom Cruise blockbuster Top Gun. He has earned it from his cold and unforgiving bearings. He might have lost his luster a bit but back in the day Liddell’s trademark mohawk and striking power had made him one of the most intimidating fighters. You wouldn’t mind having a beer and watch football with him but you would shudder at the thought of running into him in a dark alley. He was the embodiment of a cage fighter and his appearance was just one factor in making his presence so intimidating. His stare was spine-chilling and his barrage of punches could bring down an African elephant. The way he celebrated after his brutal victory would just make him scarier.

Number 7

Alistair Overeem

Overeem is one of the most accomplished combat sports athletes in the world. The Dutch fighter is a freak of nature who can intimidate anyone with his sheeer 6’4” massive frame. No wonder he holds the unique achievement of being the heavyweight champion across three major global promotions-  K-1 kickboxing, Dream, and Strikeforce in MMA. He started off as middleweight but then he began adding some serious muscle with his diet and hormonal aids, eventually becoming a monster of a man. Maybe the Dutch Hulk had been eating a lot of horsemeat. In spite of his suspension from the contest, he stood as the most successful fighter in the world, with a twelve-hour winning streak to his credit. 

Number 6

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

If the ominously toned physique of Johnson wasn’t enough to strike fear in his opponent’s heart, his killer instinct was. He often won his fights by stoppage and left his opponents in a crumpled mess. The dynamic welterweight was famous for changing his looks but each was scarier than the previous. With a distinction of winning 10 fights in a row, Johnson’s presence in the Octogen was devastating for people like Glover Teixeira who were brutalized by him in the cage. Rumble was one bad man in the game. 


Number 5

Igor Vovchanchyn

This destructive fighter from Ukrain stood only 5’8” but the scary guy would devastate opponents who were sometimes a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than him. The guy was a wrecking ball who had one of the longest win streaks in MMA history standing at 37. The ferocous little man was quite versatile in the cage competing in both the light heavyweight and heavyweight. He was a Vale Tudo no holds barred world champion and he also competed in Pride FC. With his Ice Cold demeanor, he is remembered for his bouts against Mark Kerr, Gary Goodridge, and Paul Varelans. His daunting demeanor is remarkable considering his small stature and he remains a huge favorite amongst old-school fans.

Number 4

Cris Cyborg

There was a time in MMA when the biggest boogeyman was a woman. Cyborg’s long run as the No. 1 female fighter in the world came when she was brutalizing opponents left and right. She was an unstoppable machine that was made to run down opponents. When she was pummeling people in the ring, jokes like ‘someone please call the police’ used to do the rounds. In her 13 years unbeaten run in the cage, Cyborg looked and acted intimidating enough to score 21 wins, of which 17 were knockouts. Though one of those results was canceled due to her testing positive in a post-fight drug test, her intimidation factor remained undented.

No one, not even Ronda Rousey wanted to face the shadow of Cyborg, and that only added to her spell. 

Number 3

Fedor Emelianenko 

The tall and ice-cold Russian is naturally terrifying. During his prime, this beast of a fighter was known to brutally dispatch his opponents. Amongst all the noise and pageantry of MMA, he would stand out as one of the most intimidating guys. When he walked in the middle, he was completely removed from all the madness going around him. No wonder, the no-nonsense heavyweight had one of the greatest runs in the history of the game.

Number 2

Brock Lesnar 

The two-time WWE wrestling superstar Brock Lesnar was another “monster” in MMA. The blue-eyed son of a farmer had Viking's blood running in his veins. Before he decided to try his might in mixed martial arts in 2006, Lesnar was already one of the biggest names in professional wrestling. And when he walked in, it was apparent that no one of such a  massive size and freakish athleticism was seen in the sport before. It’s not surprising then that he made his way to the UFC with his sheer presence. And expectedly he captured the heavyweight championship in a short time. 

Number 1

Kevin Randleman

There cannot be a bigger acknowledgment of an MMA fighter’s scary persona than giving him the nickname ‘The monster’. The 5’10'' man was known for his chiseled physique and impeccable vertical leaps. He was the original bleached blonde, a true pioneer, and one of the most athletic figures in the game. ‘The monster’ shocked everyone by beating Mirko Cro Cop at Pride total elimination in 2004 and there was no looking back. He held and defended the UFC heavyweight title before losing to Randy Couture and his untimely death at the age of 44 was a huge loss to the sport.

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