Top 7 Best pieces of at home gym equipment you need in 2021

This gear will make you never want to leave your personal fitness sanctuary ever again. And with the new year (and hopefully better one) ahead. You should be prepared to train at home in 2021 since we have no idea how long the gyms will be closed. We will guide you through these hard times and show you how to stay in the best fighting shape possible even now that the gyms are closed. Here you will find our top 7 picks for the best equipment for your home gym. 

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1. The speed jumping rope 

This all time classic is something you cannot leave out of this list. The speed jumping rope is something you cannot leave out your training regime to work your cardio and burn fat quick. 

For a seriously intense cardio workout that can be done in pretty much any space—no matter how tiny—a jump rope is all you need. This adjustable one is suitable for people of just about any height, from 4-feet 9-inches to 6-feet 6-inches tall.

speed jump rope at home gym workout 

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2. The NEW Primal weighted Battle ropes.

Basically a full body workout in one. This heavy weighted ropes make you go full primal. Working your physical strength and cardio the same time! 

Using the rope regularly results in improved coordination, agility, advanced footwork, quickness, and endurance. It burns a significant amount of calories, and it is useful for increasing strength and promoting weight loss. It also strengthens the shoulder, the rotator cuff, and improves flexibility. Also, one can keep the heavy-duty ropes in a backpack and carry with him for outdoor sessions. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor training.

weighted jump ropes for at home workout

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3. The Primal 9-in-1 Push up board. 

This at home gym equipment is an innovative color-coded pushup board training system that strengthens and shapes your entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms), while engaging your total core. This challenging strength and conditioning training combines strength Press push ups with intense calorie-burning cardio, plyometrics, and core exercises for a total body workout. In just 30 minutes a day, you will develop muscles, build upper and lower body strength, burn calories, and lose weight. 

This board will provide you with all the needed target areas to train your chest by easily switching up the handle stances with the dedicated colour code. 

at home gym workout equipment 2021 best push up board 

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4. Faux Leather Wall Punching Pad

This one is a must have for FIGHTERS. If you are doing any sort of martial arts workout whether it is boxing, kickboxing or maybe muay thai. This is something you want to have at home. Even in a small space. you can use this wall punching bag to train your jabs. 

Keep you punching accuracy and power up and release some build up stress. 

best at home boxing training 2021 

Start improving your jab from the comfort of your home >> Wall punching pads. 


5. The head and neck  weight Lifting cap

 As weird as it might sound (and look). This neck and upper shoulder excercise is a must during these times. We are at home most of the time, spending time behind our laptop or tv. This causes your neck and shoulder muscles to get weak. A problem the world has seen becoming an upcoming trend this year. Neck and shoulder pain from sitting behind a desk for hours a day without being able to go outside and stretch. 

This weight lifting cap for your neck and shoulders will strenghten these muscles so your neck and shoulder muscles stay strong. 

best at home neck training 2021

Start training your neck >> Head and neck weight lifting cap.


6. Perfect 6 pack Wheels Abdominal Roller

this compact, easy to store ab wheel resistance system. It is designed to work multiple body parts including legs, arms, abs, and glutes. This one-piece system can easily be used in small places and tucked away when not in use. It’s so simple to use that even a beginner gets to reap the benefits without feeling intimidated.

Be sure to get your six pack ab training in (summer is closer than you think).

best six pack ab training equipment at home 2021

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7.  Birch Wood Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic Rings are ideal for tremendous gains in upper body and core functional strength. Great for body weight workouts such as push ups, pull ups, dips, rows, muscle ups, chest flies and many more.

Rings are one of the simplest and effective strength tools available and can be set up easily anywhere such as beams, bars, power racks, swing-sets, doorways and even trees that can support your weight.

Straps can be easily hung over bars, power racks, beams, eye bolts, ceiling mounts or trees and secured in place using the buckle.

Rings are easy to setup and height adjustable in seconds.

Portable, lightweight design.Hundreds of possible strength exercises for beginners through to elite athletes.

These truly belong in your at home gym!

at home workout equipment training rings

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So here you go, These are our 7 Top picks for your at home gym. 2020 was a strange year, with gyms and mma gyms closed. We need to get creative if we want to stay fit. We don't know what 2021 will bring us, so we want to help you be prepared for anything. 

Your health is of great importance and staying fit will decrease your chances of getting sick (and getting fat). 

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