The CRAZIEST ufc fight ever booked: Jon Jones VS Francis Ngannou


Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones is the megafight UFC has been waiting for, if Dana White is ready to pay for it

The heavyweight division in UFC is finally ready to blossom into a crossover event with a G.O.A.T. and a burgeoning star. The UFC has the next great superfight on its hands and this one finally has nothing to do with Conor McGregor or whether or not a retired Khabib Nurmagomedov will ever return. 

Francis Ngannou's violent destruction of Stipe Miocic, the greatest heavyweight champion in promotional history, in their rematch headlining UFC 260 in Las Vegas felt like it might have kickstarted a new era within the division. The fact that former light heavyweight king Jon Jones is expected to be next in line means the UFC couldn't be in a better position. 

UFC has an opportunity to pair the sport's G.O.A.T. against the scariest champion it has ever promoted and can do so in the same year its parent company Endeavor plans to go public in the stock market

Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones: THE fight of 2021

Francis Ngannou had just dropped UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic with a jab and had him trapped against the cage. The big man swarmed, a finish seemingly within his grasp. But Miocic escaped with urgency and moved toward the center of the Octagon, where the champ would make his stand.

Miocic let go with a straight right hand that stopped Ngannou in his tracks. But the pause lasted for only a single tick off the clock in Saturday's UFC 260 main event in Las Vegas. Ngannou barely hesitated before stepping forward with a left hook that connected on the button. Miocic fell, Ngannou pounced with one final swing of his fist, and there was a new champion.

It was a stunning moment, seeing the heavyweight widely acclaimed as the greatest ever lying motionless on his back, all of the fight drained from him, and his successor to the throne calmly walking away with one finger in the air, signifying that he finally was No. 1.

The understated celebration was right in character for Ngannou, whose chiseled physique and sledgehammer fists might make him seem right out of central casting for an imposing heavyweight champ, but whose soft-spoken way suggests gentleman more than fighting man.

Ngannou was out of character, though, in a different way on this night. The big man with heavy hands, who had knocked out his four most recent opponents with violent bursts that lasted 71 seconds or shorter, finished this one by knockout 52 seconds in -- but at 52 seconds of the second round. And yet, even though it took an eternity in Ngannou time for him to knock out Miocic, this was as satisfying as a night can be

nd Ngannou also put on display an expanded skill set. By making such fast work of his four most recent previous opponents, Ngannou had not had time to show off anything other than those fight-finishing fists of his. But by the time Saturday's Round 1 was over, he had utilized kicks to both the legs and the head, punches aimed not just at the head but at the body, as well, and perhaps most important of all, defensive wrestling that kept Miocic from smothering him on the canvas, as he did back in 2018.

So, after defeating the greatest heavyweight of all time, Ngannou next gets to face perhaps the greatest of all time in any weight class. What a one-two punch to start 2021 with a bang. And two fights that will be tremendously lucrative.

Jon Jones, who ruled at light heavyweight for most of the past decade, has been bulking up lately to take his shot at the heavyweight title. This has been a long time coming, and UFC president Dana White said before UFC 260 that Jones will be the next challenger for Saturday's winner -- and that the fight of all fights could happen this summer. There are financial matters to be settled, of course, as postfight comments by both Jones (on social media) and White (at the UFC news conference) made clear. But this fight is too big to not get done.

Within MMA, though, Jones is the ultimate proving ground. To defeat him would send shock waves, because it's never been done. That sets Jones apart from Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Amanda Nunes and Demetrious Johnson, the other fighters often mentioned in GOAT conversations. They're all-time greats, every one of them, but they've all been defeated. Jones has not.

Smaller? Jon Jones? He is 6-foot-4, same as Ngannou, but while the new champ weighed in at 263 pounds on Friday, Jones has posted on social media that he is up to 240. That would make Jones heavier than Miocic, who stepped on the scale for this fight at 234 pounds. But Miocic is used to being the smaller guy; he has weighed in lighter than his opponents in his past five fights. Jones, on the other hand, has always banked on being the bigger man; he has been too physical for 205-pounders to handle. That will no longer be a built-in edge for Jones now that he is swimming with the big fish. Ngannou can't wait to drown him.

"For my opinion, Jon Jones is the greatest of all time for mixed martial arts. Him moving up is a challenge that I will take and put it on my record," Ngannou said. "It will be a very good challenge for me, a very good thing to put on my résumé. But he is going to be the challenger. I am the champ. He's coming up and looking for me. I'm ready."

So are fight fans. The crowning glory of Saturday's heavyweight championship fight is still buzzing, and oh, boy, we can't wait for the next one.

one of the biggest fights in history of UFC

Veteran commentator Joe Rogan closed the pay-per-view broadcast on Saturday calling Ngannou-Jones one of the biggest fights that could be made in the history of the sport. He wasn't wron

The storylines:

Jon Jones:

The story of Jon Jones is a roller coaster of emotions. He is the greatest light heavyweight fighter in the UFC, and arguably the greatest fighter of all time. Jon Jones outside of the Octagon has dealt with no shortage of controversies. some due to allegedly taking PED’s before his bout with Daniel Cormier, and even a hit and run back in 2015

The story of Jon Jones all starts in high school. He began playing football as a defensive lineman, and his small frame led to his coach giving him the nickname “Bones” — a nickname that stuck with Jones through his entire career. He then moved to wrestling and quickly realized that he was incredibly talented. 

 Jones’s religious parents did not want Jones to become a fighter, and they encouraged him to stop and become a pastor,

Jones joined the USKBA (United States kickboxing association) and in just three months he amassed a 6–0 record. Then Jones, with just two weeks’ notice was offered a fight in the UFC, and he accepted

Jones is 26–1 in his professional MMA career and that single loss is still being disputed by the President of the UFC for over 10 years. Jones has forced almost every opponent he’s faced out the octagon bruised and battered. Jones has never actually lost his title due to losing a fight either, only because of his actions outside of the octagon. Jo

Francis Ngannou:

Rising from grinding poverty in Cameroon, staring death in the face during his travels in Africa to being homeless on the streets of Paris, he suffered it all before rebuilding his life and becoming the newly-crowned UFC heavyweight champion.

Life was hard and unfair for Ngannou right from the beginning as he had to start working in a sand quarry from the age of 10 to support his single mother.

It was then, at the age of 17, that he decided to focus on what was within his power and change for the better. He decided to become a fighter and moved to Morocco in pursuit of his dream.

During his journey from Cameroon to Morocco, Ngannou crossed borders illegally, lived in a bush and scrounged the trash to find food.


His progress was halted several times in the Sahara Desert where he had to drink water from animal-infested well

When he finally did reach the promised land of Europe, there was yet another roadblock — he was jailed for illegally crossing the Morocco-Spain border by sea. After his release two months later, Ngannou fled to France.

To make ends meet, Ngannou worked at a homeless shelter ‘Lo Chorba’ where his job was to chop vegetables. It was here that his life finally took a turn for the better when the director of the La Chorba foundation introduced him to Didier Carmont, who ran a boxing training centre in Paris.

Carmont introduced him to the MMA Factory in Paris and it was here that Ngannou, who idolises Mike Tyson, started learning boxing for the first time in his life. “Until I went to France, in 2013, that was the first time then I walked to the gym,” Ngannou said, casting his mind back to his early years.

Recollecting his coach’s words, the 35-year-old said, “They said if you need the faster (road to fame and fortune), you have to do MMA. Then I’m like, what’s MMA? What’s mixed martial arts? I didn’t know UFC at the time, I didn’t know what was UFC.”

Jon Jones wants 50 million

Jon Jones coach thinks matchup with Francis Ngannou worth ‘$50 million’ payday No one knows exactly what number Jon Jones wants to see on a contract to fight Francis Ngannou, but his coach Mike Winkeljohn thinks it could be massive.

Speaking to Submission Radio, Winkeljohn believes that considering the magnitude of a matchup between newly crowned heavyweight champion Ngannou and longtime light heavyweight king Jones, the fighters could be looking at a Floyd Mayweather Jr.-level payday.


ones and UFC President Dana White are currently embroiled in a public war of words over negotiations for the hypothetical bout, with White wondering if Jones’ social media comments are sign that he might not actually want to fight Ngannou, and Jones furiously responding with a demand that the UFC release him.

The Odds:

Francis Ngannou opens as solid favorite over Jon Jones in potential heavyweight title fight.

Ngannou is currently listed as a -185 favorite over Jones, who comes back as the underdog at +165 based on how the odds opened at

That means a $100 bet on Jones would yield $165 in winnings while it would currently take a $185 bet on Ngannou to receive $100 should he be victorious.

P4P King:

Jon Jones, who reigned as UFC light heavyweight champion for much of the past decade before vacating his belt in August to move up to heavyweight, is back at the top of the ESPN men's pound-for-pound MMA rankings.

Francis Ngannou, fresh off winning the heavyweight title on Saturday at UFC 260, has surged into the upper half of the top 10.


Veteran commentator Joe Rogan calling Ngannou-Jones one of the biggest fights that could be made in the history of the sport. What do you think?  This is nothing short of a matchup made in heaven for fans and UFC brass alike. Will jon cement his legacy as the GOAT or will Francis become even more scarier? Let us know in the comments below!


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