The best at home punching bag for your mma workout? (2021 updated)

"Which punching bag should i get for my at home workout?

A question many fighters ask, especially when just getting into martial arts. it can be difficult to decide which punching bag would be best to get as a started so you can continue your training at home. Especially now that a lot of gyms are closed. a punching bag is a very smart buy and allows you to do a full range of workouts and training from the comfort of your home. Some punching bags take up more space than others, and there are a lot of other variables. In this blog we will go over the main benefits of each punching bag and which one we recommend you getting when starting out! 


First of all we will go over the kinds of punching bags that are available: 

1) Standard punching bags

A standard punching bag workout is maybe the most simple, best know yet effective workout there is. not only for any type of martial arts. But also for straight up endurance and condition training. 

With a never ending variety in different workouts this is a must have for anyone who is training from home at the moment. 

They are easy to setup and usually come with a wall mount, once setup you can use them for a very long period of time. 

some benefits of a standard punching bag are; they give you a great cardio workout. like we just mentioned. You will need to move around a lot and engage your entire body. 

It is also known punching bag workout can help with your posture and coordination. Your coordination will go through a positive impact, too. As you try to get your body in the right position to punch, you will develop good coordination, which, along with a strong core, will prevent you from falling and suffering injuries.

Obviously your muscles grow stronger too. When you land punches, you exercise the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and waist. But your legs don’t just sit, as they must oppose resistance so that you don’t stagger after each punch.

Lastly, punching bag workout are great for your self esteem. You will be able to develop some essential self-defense skills and that without having to be exposed to real danger.

A lot of people are against violence, but that doesn’t mean that facing an attacker should find them helpless. Training with a bag will give you the opportunity to develop the skills needed to hit someone, even if you are never going to use them.

If you want to starting doing workout with a punching bags you can fine some here. 

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2) Heavy punching bags

Heavy bag workouts are intense, high-energy, and get boxers the results they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. This punching bag is made to be hit HARD. that's why they are so hard.

a heavy punching bag workout allows you to experience the force of impact when you punch. This way you can practice as if you are actually in contact with an opponent. 

Punching a heavy bag can be pretty taxing starting off, but you should aim for timed intervals. Maybe starting off at 1-2min rounds, then 1min break for 3-4 rounds would be good. Then as you get comfortable increase the time in the rounds. If you want you can also start to lower your rest time but never go below 30sec rest

Other benefits of usign a heavy punching bag for you training are; increasing your endurance, improving strenght and power, Improves Coordination, Balance & Stability, reduces stress and of course it improves your boxing techinque in general. 

You can find a wide selection of heavy punching bags here. 

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3) Wall mounted Punching bags

 Another great variation of a punching bag is the wall mounted punching bag pad. these are attached to a horizontal wall and are sure to stay in place. you can rest assured that this pad won't move an inch no matter how hard you hit it (unless you break the wall down). It's great for targeting your acuracy and strenght. 

You can learn more about these wall mounted punching bags here. 

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4) Speed punching bag

The speed bag is a fun and unique way to build strength and stamina routines into your workouts. Whether you are using it as part of boxing training routine or are looking for a new exercise to try, mastering the speed punching bag will provide a great upper body workout.

Start with these best beginner routines to build your endurance. After you master the basics, you can build on them to create more complex routines that will provide a comprehensive workout.

This is something you often see in those viral facebook and instagram video's. the pro fighters doing crazy routines on these punching bags as if it is nothing, but trust us, it is not as easy as it looks! 

If you are interested in this sort of speed punching bag you can find a good one here.

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5) Free standing punching bags.

A free standing punching bag is an excellent addition to your home MMA gym. If you want to avoid the permanence and bulkiness of a traditional heavy bag, a free standing heavy bag is a great alternative. You also do not need to attach this punching bag to a wall mount which saves time energy and money. These bags are usually filled with water and sand so that they have a strong base and you can go all out on them without having them fall over. 

If you want to train your acuracy and speed from home with a free standing punching bag, you can get one here. 

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Now that you have some general knowledge of the types of punching bags there are. We recommend deciding for yourself waht type of workout you want to start doing. it also depends on your skill leven in boxing and martial arts in general. 

We recommend beginners getting a standard punching bags to learn the basics. then moving on to the other types of punching bags. you can use all these bags no matter the level you are at so starting with the basics might be the best idea. 

Also, if you a new. don't be afraid to get a punching bag because there are thousands of workout routines to be found online and on youtube (we will even provide you with some in the future). 



there is a wide variety of punchiung bags with an even wider variety of workouts you can do. decide for yourself what level you are on and what you need for your home workout at the moment. all punching bags have their own strenghts and weaknesses so just start training and go from there! 

you can follow the link below to see our favourite punching bags collection we created here at primal arts fight gear. These are sure to be high quality and give you the workout you deserve. 

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Times are hard, with gyms closed and no end in sight of them opening again. We must make the best of it. and that starts with having the discipline to workout from home. and with a good punching bag, you can do any type of martial arts workout from the comfort of your home. 

So please don't be afraid to order one even if you never trained with a punching bag before. 

And if you've read all the way down here. we know you have persistence and would make a great warrior. that's why we are giving you this unique 15% discount code you can use on our website immediately to get 15% off your whole order. (only for those who read all the way until here). 

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