Robert Whittaker top 10 SHOCKING facts you did not know (but should)

Robert Whittaker is one of the nicest fighters that the UFC has ever seen. While his demeanor outside the cage is affable and very well-received, he is a monster inside the cage. He is on a three-fight win streak right now and will probably face reigning champion israel adesanya next for the second time.

 do you think he can make it to a world champion again?

let’s find out in todays top 10 facts you did not know about robert whittaker.

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#10: He Is Australia’s First UFC Champion

Elvis Sinosic was the first Australian to fight in the UFC when he beat Jeremy Horn at UFC 30 in 2001 and he was the first Australian to gain a UFC Title shot when he lost to Tito Ortiz at UFC 32, but we have had to wait 16 years for our first UFC Champion!

#9: Robert Whittaker used to be a rugby player

Robert Whittaker never dreamed of being a UFC Champion. in fact, that thought didn’t even cross his mind when he was learning martial arts at a young age. All his sights were set on one goal, and that was to play for the National Rugby League. While he had that dream, he had a specific team he wanted to play for the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Despite the dream, Whittaker would eventually make a full-time transition into the sport of MMA, where he would ultimately become a champion. But it is interesting to think of an alternate reality where Whittaker is a champion rugby player for his favorite team.

 #8: He went from being on the ultimate fighter to coaching in it. 

Like many top stars in the UFC, Whittaker got his start on The Ultimate Fighter. He was a part of the 2012 season titles ‘Smashes’, as the cast was made up of Australian and British fighters. Whittaker was a Welterweight back then and would win the show. He even got knockout of the season for a brutal 19 second KO of Luke Newman.

In 2019, after Whittaker was the champion of the Middleweight division, he would return to the show. But this time, Whittaker was coaching against the man he will face tomorrow in Kelvin Gastelum. It was supposed to lead into Whittaker defending his title against Gastelum, but the fight never took place after Whittaker had health issues that forced him to drop out.

#7: He Had A Black-Belt In Karate By The Age Of 14

 Fighting comes naturally to ‘Bobby Knuckles’, and that isn’t surprising. After all, he was enrolled in a karate school at the age of seven by his father. While it was supposed to just help him and his brother develop self-defense skills, Whittaker went pretty far with it. In fact, he got a black belt before he even turned 15 years old.

He then specialized in the Korean martial art of Hapkido, where he received another black belt. After making the transition to MMA, Whittaker perfected the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Whittaker has a black belt in that as well, Having three black belts in different martial arts proves how Whittaker is one of the most unique fighters in the UFC.

#6: He volunteers his time to help disadvantaged youths.

Whittaker has a reputation as a humble family man who enjoys assisting those less fortunate than himself. He’s often to be found teaching young people for free at his local gym, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Smeaton Grange, in his hometown of Sydney. He has also travelled to the outback in order to visit remote indigenous communities. There, the influential sportsman has given motivational speeches and conducted training sessions.



#5: He was falsely accused by Dana White for turning down a title shot

Robert Whittaker has been a lot of people’s pick for the number one contender for the Middleweight title. While his situation may change after his bout with Kelvin Gastelum, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Whittaker has more than earned a title rematch. Israel Adesanya claimed Jared Cannonier would be his next opponent if he beat Whittaker.

However, Whittaker won his fight and then the UFC said Adesanya will be moving up. In a press conference, Dana White said that they offered Whittaker the fight, and he turned it down. He refuted the claims and said that he wanted to fight in March-April and not February, like how Adesanya did. White said it was the ‘craziest sh*t he had ever seen’.

Whittaker now finds himself on the cusp of a title shot. While he hasn’t been talking about it too much leading into the fight, if the result goes in his favor, his title rematch case becomes almost iron-clad.

#4: He Was Training To Become An Electrician Before He Won The Ultimate Fighter

 Whittaker won nine of his first 11 fights before being selected to compete on The Smashes, but there was no guarantee that he would be able to make a career out of Mixed Martial Arts and before he earnt his UFC contract he worked as a trainee electrician. 

#3: his left hook is as dangerous as conor’s left hook

Whittaker has had a great deal of success in the UFC because he is one of the most well-rounded fighters in the Middleweight Division, but he still has a massive weapon – his left hook!

If Whittaker hits you with his left-hook you are in plenty of trouble and we saw no better example of that than his win over Brad Tavares in Adelaide in May of 2015.

#2: robert whittaker is a die hard soud sydney fan

When Whittaker was younger, his dream was not to fight in the Octagon but to play in the NRL!

Whittaker is a die-hard South Sydney Rabbitohs fan and he has spent a little bit of time training with the likes of the Burgess Brothers! 

#1: “the reaper” actually is a very nice guy and family man.

Whittaker has a young family and he credits the majority of his success to his wife Sofia Whittaker, who works as his personal assistant.

In the past Whittaker would train in Canada and fight in Las Vegas without his family by his side, but in recent years he made the decision to bring his family with him wherever he would go and it is no coincidence that his results have improved significantly.


That was it for today’s top 10 guys. we hope you liked it as much as we do and we cannot wait for whittaker to face Israel adesanya again to reclaim his golden belt. 

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