Petr Yan: Top 10 MUST KNOW facts. (UFC news, MMA news)

The name Petr Yan is no news to anyone inclined in the world of boxing sport. The Russian mixed martial artist who lost his Bantamweight Championship belt to Aljamain Sterling because of an illegal knee in March, 2021 is an idol to many boxing fans. Well, today, we bring you 10 Facts and maybe stats about the Russian mixed martial idol whose boxing career pioneered in 2014.

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10 Facts About Petr Yan.

Number 1

The ‘No Mercy’ Lord

No lover of the boxing sport would be clueless when he hears the name ‘No Mercy’. While all may not know him by his christened name, Petr Yan is a 28-year old championship-winning, belt holding, mixed martial artist from Russia. The Russian professional, whose alias is well depicted in his fights and boxing career, competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Bantamweight division, where he once held the UFC Bantamweight Championship. He formerly held an Absolute Championship Berkut Bantamweight Championship when he used to fight at the ACB. The ‘No Mercy’ Lord has a merciless reputation that has birthed a ruthless professional record of successes and wins. Some of these include the #1 in the UFC Bantamweight rankings and #12 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings. These recent ranking achievements are as recent as March 9 and 23, 2021, respectively. The professional boxer has many other achievements and maybe a few losses up his sleeve. You'll find out some of them in the course of the video.

Number 2

Yan’s Early Life

Yan, popular as "No Mercy" in the world of boxers, was born Petr Yan to a Chinese-Russian Father and a Russian mother on February 11, 1993, in Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. The 28-year old had a reputation for being a problem child while growing up, getting into numerous unreasonable aggressive fights in the streets and at school in his area. Little wonder where his alias ‘No Mercy' stems. This reputation and aggressiveness often caused his parents to move in a bid to prevent frequent fights.

In sixth grade, Yan began training in ITF Taekwon-do, just as his elder brother trained in boxing in the city. Outgoing Yan often wanted to follow his brother, who declined his request. Yan would sneak out, follow his unsuspecting brother and train. This continued for eight years, with Yan achieving accolades in Master of Sport in Boxing in the 64 kg weight category. Graduating from the Siberian University in the city of Omsk with a degree in Physical Culture and Sport, Yan boxing career began in 2014 and is existent to date.

Number 3

Yan’s Body Dimension

It is no news that in the world of boxing, a boxer's body dimension, strength, agility and endurance often is extremely important in positioning himself fòr winning. For Yan, his 17 wins career can be attributed to his 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) height, on a 135 lb (61 kg; 9.6 St) weight with a 67 in (170 cm) reach. It is little wonder he has such agility and endurance, typical of any great boxer with his great healthy, well-toned and built body.

Number 4

His Early Career

Petr Yans boxing life began at the age of 8, and subsequently, he built a reputation for getting into fights at school and on the streets. However, his professional career debuted in MMA in December 2014 at Eurasian Fighting Championship – Bakal Fight. At the third-round knockout, he won over Murad Bakiev, who coincidentally was also a debutant.

He signed a contract with the Russian promotion Absolute Championships Berkut in 2015, gaining many fans with his debut and promotion deal. The promotion had him fight Brazilian fighter Renato Velame, who already had 26 fights in his MMA career, making him a remarkable early career. Yan won this fight by decision and proceeded to his third fight with Kharon Orzumiev. Yan stood out in this fight yet again because, in just 47 seconds of the first-round submission, Yan knocked out, fought and beat Kharon Orzumiev. His fourth fight, held at the Professional Fight Night 10: Russia Cup, was not any different as he knocked out Artur Mirzakhanyan in the first round.

It seems like all those years of street fighting finally paid off, with his career starting on a high pitch and promising note.

Number 5

Absolute Championship Berkut

Petr fought with Murad Kalamov on October 24, 2015, and won again by unanimous decision in his usual style. This win availed Petra fight with Magomed Magomedov vying for the Championship belt in the bantamweight division. Yans fight with Magomed took place on March 26 2016, in Moscow at ACB 32: "The Battle of Lions". After all five rounds, Magoomed won the fight by split decision and won the Bantamweight title. Although this was Yans first professional loss, the fight was regarded as ACB's best fight in 2016. After this loss, by unanimous decision, Yan won English mixed martial artist Ed Arthur at Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) 41: Path to Triumph, in Sochi.

In 2017, particularly during Spring, Yan was scheduled to rematch with Magomed on April 15 at ACB 57: Payback in Moscow. Yan saw it as an opportunity to exact revenge on Magomed and win his loss back for someone with one speck of loss on a good winning record. That decision paid well for Yan as after all five rounds, he defeated Magomed by unanimous decision and took the ACB Bantamweight Champion Crown.

After Yans ACB Crown in April 2017, he had a fight with Brazilian contender Matheus Mattos at ACB: 71 in Moscow in September 2017. After he won the first two rounds, Yan caught Mattos with an uppercut on the left. This caused Mattos a fall on his back, and the referee had to stop the fight. After a third-round, Yan yet again defended his Bantamweight Title.

Number 6

Ultimate Fighting Championship

In January 2018, after his first title defence, the MMA Lord signed a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, making his promotional debut against Teruto Ishihara on June 23, 2018. This took. Place at the UFC Fight Night 132, and typical of him, he won the fight via technical knockout in the first round. Later in September, he was scheduled to face top-14 UFC rankings Douglas Silva de Andrade at the UFC Fight Night 136, but Andrade withdrew from the fight on August 9, citing a foot injury. Jin-Soo Soo was made to replace Andrade.

At weigh-ins, Son weighed one pound over the bantamweight non-title fight limit of 136 pounds and was fined 20 percent of his purse to Yan. Yan wọn the fight by unanimous decision, earning him the Fight of the Night award. Later that year, on December 29, a bantamweight bout was rescheduled between Yan and Douglas Silva de Andrade for UFC 232. Yan again wọn the fight via technical knockout after de Andrades corner stopped the fight in round two.

Following that win, Yan revealed on social media that he had signed a new, four-fight contract with the UFC on January 10, 2019. On February 23, 2019, he faced and beat John Dodson at UFC Fight Night 145. With hard punches and kicks on Dodson, whose back was against the cage, Yan won the fight by unanimous decision. Interestingly, Yans outstanding four-fight few months old contract didnt deter him from signing a new six-fight contract offered to him after winning Dodson in 2019.

On June 8, 2019, Yan faced Jimmie Rivera at UFC 238 and won again by unanimous decision. Yan was said to have undergone elbow surgery on June 26 due to synovitis in his left elbow. You can term Yan a boxerholic” because upon recovery on December 14, 2019, Yan faced Urijah Faber and wọn via a knockout in the third round. The second round was most dominated by strikes, exchanges and knocks against Faber in the second round. This win earned him yet again another accolade - the Performance of the Night award.

Feeling ducked, Yan became critical of bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo. In his exact words, he said, "I think it's pretty obvious he is ducking me and doing everything he can to avoid fighting me. All this talk about him wanting a bigger name is bullshit, he just wants easier fight for himself."

Number 7

Bantamweight Championship

On July 12, 2020, Yan faced ex UFC and WEC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo for the vacant Bantamweight championship Cejudo retired from. In the fifth round, Yan won via technical knockout in his usual trend, becoming the Bantamweight Championship holder. On November 22, he cancelled his title defence bout with Aljamain Sterling, which was scheduled to hold on December 12, 2020, at UFC 256.

Yan lost the bout, which was rescheduled for March 6, 2021, by disqualification. The disqualification happened due to an illegal knee discovered in the fourth round, making Yan lose his hard-earned Bantamweight Championship. It was a close one to Yan's victory because one judge had Sterling up 29-28, and two judges had Sterling up 29-28 before the illegal knee. Sad.

Moving on to Yans Martial Art Professional Record

Number 8

No Mercy. All Achievements

Yan can be said to have a knack for achievements as his boxing career reeks of success. His achievements are enough to intimidate any average martial artist out there. In his 7-year career, Yan has to his credit a total of 17 matches, of which he has had 15 wins. Yan owes his wins to winning by knockout seven times, winning by submission once, and winning by decision seven times.

Yan's striking differential (3.07) places him first on the UFC's all-time list among bantamweights. He also ranks second in knockdown average (1.3), third in knockdowns (eight), fourth in strikes landed per minute (6.32) and takedown defence (88%), sixth in significant strike accuracy (50.8%), eighth in significant strikes landed (585). Ninth in total strikes landed (725).

In the course of his career, other accolades to his credit are winning UFC Bantamweight Championship (One time), Fight of the Night (One time) vs Jin Soo Son, Performance of the Night (One time) vs Urijah Faber, ACB Bantamweight Championship (One time), Absolute Championship Berkut Grand-Prix winner, the 2018 European Newcomer of the Year.

Number 9

The No Mercy Lord Losses too

A loser and a winner characterize every fight. Yan puts on the obvious cloak of success has done a lot of saving with a record of all wins and accolades by a thread. His speck in the eyelosses can be attributed to one loss by decision and another loss by disqualification.

Remember Yans fight with Magomed in Moscow at ACB 32: The Battle of Lions” in 2016? Well, that accounts for one of his two professional losses. His second loss is attributed to

And to the last fact about Petr Yan for today.

Number 10

No Mercy Has a Merciful Family.

Although not much is known about Petr Yans family, we have garnered that the No Mercy Lord has a merciful family. We tell you for the fact that the mixed martial artist who has a new camp in Florida has a wife and two sons. Petr has been caught saying he misses the cold, misses being away from family, and plays chess all day to train his mind.

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