Nick Diaz 10 Most Outrageous Moments of His Career (must read)

Nick Diaz: The 10 Most Outrageous Moments of His Career

Welcome back MMA fans! Eric here from primal mma and today we bring to you a brand new video about one of the most notorious fighters of all timer: Nick Diaz


Nick Diaz is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The older brother of UFC fighter Nate Diaz, Nick, made his MMA debut in 2001 and has competed in UFC, PRIDE, Strikeforce, EliteXC, World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), DREAM, and Shooto. He was also the welterweight champion in Strikeforce, WEC, and IFC.

Pro MMA record of 13-9-2, Diaz hasn't stepped into the Octagon since fighting Anderson Silva in 2015. He was suspended for 5 years and fined $165,000 following his failed drug test of marijuana metabolites at UFC 183 which was later reduced to 18 months.

Nick's manager revealed that his client is considering making his comeback to the UFC in 2021. Nick also talked to a reporter and expressed his desire to fight Jorge Masvidal. He has since then been training hard to fight again.

So  let’s take a trip down memory lane as we remember the 10 most outrageous moments of Nick Diaz’s career.


Let’s get it! 


10. Tests Positive for Marijuana Following Victory over Takanori Gomi


There are a lot of rumors that float around the MMA community surrounding fighters who may or may not be involved in the usage of recreational drugs. But when it comes to Nick Diaz, there aren’t rumors—there are facts.


When Nick Diaz went over to the Pride organization to compete at Pride 33, he was given one of the biggest fights of his career against then-lightweight champion Takanori Gomi.


Gomi had won 13 of his previous 14 fights going into that night and was widely considered one of the top-three lightweights in the world. But Diaz shocked the world by not only defeating the superstar Japanese fighter, but actually submitting him with one of the most exciting submissions in the sport, the gogoplata.


But it was Diaz’s post-fight drug test, which he failed due to marijuana use, that got the majority of the attention from the fight. Despite all of us knowing that he won the fight, the victory was stripped from his record and instead, turned into a “no contest.”


9. Hospital Brawl with Joe Riggs


Those who never heard about this situation might be shocked to hear that there was once a fight that happened in the hospital after a UFC event.


Nick Diaz fought Joe Riggs at UFC 57, losing a decision in somewhat surprising fashion to a fighter who was ranked well below him. The loss was obviously frustrating to Diaz, who continued his trash-talk toward Riggs even as the two of them were getting post-fight medical exams.


Diaz himself claimed that Riggs came by his hospital room, which is what began the whole ordeal, alleging that he came by with the sole intention to gloat. These two maniacs decided to continue their fight right there in the middle of the hospital.


Security had to yank them apart, ending what might have been the craziest post-fight UFC incident in history.



8. Diaz Brothers Make Noons Brawl a Family Affair


K.J. Noons had beaten Nick Diaz fair and square, something Diaz didn't care for. He wanted a rematch in the worst way and, when Noons didn't immediately acquiesce, attempted to take matters into his own hands.


Diaz hit the cage to confront Noons after the fight, shooting the double bird, talking trash and coining a phrase that would go down in the annals. Not just a catchphrase—a bonafide Internet meme was born that night when Diaz uttered these immortal words.


"Don't be scared, homie."


Poor Bill Goldberg was caught in the middle as a mini-melee broke lose, the Diaz brothers against the father-son Noons boys. The ex-wrestler should have been comfortable in the middle of a tag team match but seem relieved when the Diazes were forced from the cage, continuing their taunts all the way up the ramp to the back.


7. Smoking on the Job


One would think that a professional fighter would only have one marijuana-related situation during his career, right?




Diaz joined a group of fighters on a Strikeforce conference call in January 2009. He answered questions and was fairly normal while talking to the various reporters. But hilarity ensued when it could clearly be heard that Diaz was doing “other things” in the background between questions.


It was only speculated that Diaz was smoking marijuana while on the call, but Diaz later released a video that clearly showed him smoking the drug from a bong. He also played with a pair of nunchucks.


He thought better of releasing the video and later removed it, but the damage was done.


Really, Nick?


6. Nick Tosses Footwear and Insults at Diego Sanchez


Nick Diaz didn't buy The Ultimate Fighter hype and wasn't afraid to let everyone know. He didn't think guys like Diego Sanchez had earned their place on the big show and let them know. Publicly. Repeatedly.


When the two were booked in a fight, the trash talk escalated to the physical. Before the fight, according to onlookers, Diaz threw a shoe at the TUF champion.


Sure, Sanchez got the last laugh with a win inside the Octagon. But who throws a shoe? Honestly?


5. He Competes in Triathlons
He may like the odd jazz cigarette but Nick Diaz is a cardio machine.

The former UFC welterweight contender recently participated in a triathlon spanning 142.6 miles and absolutely smashed it. completed the Vineman race in just over 11 and a half hours which is pretty damn amazing.

Diaz, whose most recent fight came at middleweight, has long been touted as the fittest UFC fighter and has swum back and forth to Alcatraz Island on more than one occasion

4. The Nashville Brawl


Another brawl, Nick!?


Just when we thought that Nick Diaz couldn’t get any more out of control than he was, he was one of the biggest players in what was an absolutely out of control post-fight situation on CBS. Diaz’s friend and training partner Jake Shields had just defeated Dan Henderson to remain the Strikeforce middleweight champion, but his impressive performance was overshadowed by a chaotic brawl.


While Shields, the Diaz brothers and other members of the Cesar Gracie jiu-jitsu team stood in the cage, celebrating, former No. 1 contender Jason “Mayhem” Miller hopped into the cage and took to the microphone. Miller screamed out, “Where’s my rematch, buddy?” to Shields, who immediately responded by shoving him. Nick Diaz threw a punch, causing a wave-like group brawl.


Though no real damage was done in the incident, this situation was not a great first impression for the national TV network audience to get from a professional sports organization.


3. Skips out on GSP Presser


There's no gentle way to say this—Nick Diaz pretty much flipped out before his scheduled bout with Georges St-Pierre at UFC 137. After the fighter missed multiple press conferences and went AWOL, UFC president Dana White pulled the plug on Diaz's title fight.



2. Diaz is Being Held on an $18K Bond and is Facing Charges of Strangulation & Misdemeanor


MMA Junkie’s source claims that Diaz was combative with police and was escorted to jail after 12 police units showed up to the Las Vegas residence. Diaz’s bail was set at $18,000.According to Bloody Elbow, a close friend of the fighter claims that Nick was actually a victim of circumstance. Diaz’s friend Matt Staudt wrote a lengthy Instagram post stating that Diaz would never lay hands on anyone unless it was done out of self-defense.


“If it wasn’t clear, I’ve got this guys back if he needs me always and completely,” Staudt wrote. “One of the best people I know, and that’s the truth, he just plays by his rules, views the world very differently than most and has been f—d constantly. Seeing how everything evolved here infuriates me. The news is out so better to address than not, and for my own sake, not really on his behalf.


  1. His horrible motivation

At the age of 16, he was highly inspired by Renzo Gracie of UFC. During that, he had just started his training in Sambo. Later, he joined MMA under Steve Heath and also trained himself in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


However, his life took an immense turn after his then-girlfriend, Stephnie commits suicide. He loved her so much, and her death shattered him. But he was determined to fulfill her last wish, and her last wish was to see Nick as a fighter.


Nonetheless, Nick used to run into Stephenie’s grave every day and promise her that he would be a great fighter someday.


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