Michael Chandler UFC Top 10 Facts You MUST know (but didn't)

Hi MMA Fans! Primal MMA presents to you the top 10 must-known facts about Michael Chandler, a three-time Bellator Lightweight Champion and current top UFC fighter. He describes himself as “I’m a small guy from a small town who decided to try to do big things. He shows up when he says he's showing up and he's gonna make all the requisite sacrifices in order to get to the cage. I'm a man of my word.”

Michael Chandler signed with the UFC in September 2020 after his Bellator contract expired a month earlier. Thanks to his impressive record at Bellator, the 34-year-old was widely considered one of the best lightweights in the world outside of the UFC.

That doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to the native of High Ridge, Missouri, population 4,305 as of the 2010 census. By then, Chandler had finished a stellar college wrestling career at the University of Missouri that garnered him All-American honors in 2009, and he was two fights into his career as a mixed martial artist.

Now that’s high-profile. But for those who haven’t followed Chandler’s pre-UFC career, suffice to say, that’s just how he rolls.

If they haven’t, you’ve got a couple weeks to go down the YouTube rabbit hole and get acquainted with Mr. Chandler wins over former UFC champs Benson Henderson (twice) and Eddie Alvarez, he knocked out Dan Hooker inside three minutes at UFC 257 and has a resume that has him clearly among the best 155-pounders of this era.

That’s who Michael Chandler is, now the top 10 fact

Fact 10: Michael Chandler has a net worth of $2 million dollars, as of 2021.

and this is without a six-figure purse earned at UFC 257 Mcgregor vs Piorier. Tony Ferguson furious at UFC for offering more money to newcomer Michael Chandler. There are rumours that Chandler had made over 40 million in crypto. However rumours are rumours.

Fact 9: He adopted a son

Chandler started dating Brie Willett in 2013 after emailing for almost two years. Subsequently, they got married in 2014. They adopted a son in 2018. That little guy was Hap Whitaker, the baby that Chandler and his wife Brie adopted just before Halloween. It was a year-long process to become “active” in the adoption pool, yet just minutes after that activation he found himself getting blindsided in the best possible way.

Fact 8: Double loss against Will Brooks

A third fight with Alvarez was set up for the main event of Bellator 120 on May 17, 2014. However, a week before the bout, it was announced that Alvarez had suffered a concussion and was forced to pull out of the fight. Chandler instead faced Will Brooks for the interim lightweight title. He lost the back-and-forth bout by split decision.

With Bellator Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez leaving the promotion, Chandler faced Will Brooks in a rematch on November 15, 2014 at Bellator 131 for the vacant lightweight title. He lost the bout via technical knockout in the fourth round.

Fact 7: Michael Chandler has defeated two UFC lightweight champions

The 34-year-old first defeated Alvarez in 2011, a time before 'The Underground King' made his debut in the UFC. Chandler and Alvarez engaged in a four-round slugfest, widely regarded as one of the greatest MMA fights of all time. Chandler won the contest via submission in the fourth round. Both the fighters collided once again in 2013, where Alvarez successfully avenged his previous loss.

Michael Chandler has also defeated Benson Henderson, a former UFC lightweight champion. He got the victory over Henderson in his last fight at Bellator in August of 2020. Although Henderson is not in his prime anymore, a win against a former UFC champion will always be a special perk for the 34-year-old.

Fact 6: He has knockout power

Chandler is an NCAA All-American Division One wrestler, but he doesn't rely solely on his wrestling credentials to get the job done. As the years have gone by, Chandler has honed his striking to the point where his technique is smooth and crisp - which has led to some devastating finishes. In his final Bellator outing last summer, Chandler starched Henderson in the first round To give you some context as to how impressive that stoppage was, Henderson had only ever been stopped once before.

Fact 5: Michael Chandler was a member of his high school's honor roll in every term

Michael Chandler attended the Northwest High School, Missouri, where he was on the honor roll in every term. Chandler enjoyed a stellar sports record in his high school with three varsity letters under his belt.

He had a knack for wrestling from an early age as he finished second at the 2004 Missouri State High School Championships in wrestling and bagged the award of 'Most Valuable Wrestler'.

Chandler was also a football player. His exploits on the football field and wrestling mat, plus, his academic grades consistently earned him a place in his high school's honor roll.

Fact 4: Michael Chandler has an incredible standing guillotine choke submission win

Michael Chandler's fight against Chris Page at Bellator 32 in 2010 saw him pull off a stunning standing guillotine choke that recorded a first-round victory for the 34-year-old.

Chandler was aggressive right off the bat against Page and secured an early takedown before engaging in nasty ground and pound. He continued firing heavy leather at Paige before successfully submitting him with a rare standing guillotine choke

Fact 3: A heart-warming story of Michael Chandler and a cancer patient

Michael Chandler once met a 7-year-old cancer patient named Robbie Chandler. Two weeks after his interaction with Robbie, the 7-year-old succumbed to cancer, which left Chandler distressed.

Michael Chandler sold customised T-shirts with "Blessed" imprinted on them, a tattoo that the 34-year-old dons on his chest.

Robbie's death moved the former Bellator star, and he donated the proceedings to Friends of Kids with Cancer, a charity based in St. Louis.

Fact 2: has a degree in Personal Finance Management Services

Michael Chandler attained a degree in Personal Finance Management Servies after graduating from the University of Missouri.

Speaking to MYMMANEWS, Chandler once revealed that if he were not a mixed martial artist, he would have tried his hands at becoming a wealth advisor or a financial planner. He also stated that he has always shown keen interest in being financially well-versed.

Fact 1: He Signed With The UFC For Less Money

In signing with the UFC, Michael Chandler decided to pursue greatness instead of chasing the money. after winning his final Bellator bout at Bellator 243, Chandler felt that it was time to move on. Being able to sit across the negotiation table with PFL, with ONE Championship and continue to talk to Bellator at the same time was an interesting process. As soon as I sat in that room at the UFC offices I was like this is where I was going to end up. 72 hours later we got the deal done.”


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