Khamzat Chimaev UFC news, highlights and 10 SHOCKING facts you should know (but don't)

Did Khamzat chimaev nearly retire from the UFC after being hit by covid and will he be back? legends say he is the new and improved khabib 2.0. In today’s Primal MMA video we will find out so keep watching!


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Let’s dive straight into it and start “Smash” todays video like Chimaev likes to say.



Number 10: who is khamzat chimaev actually?


Chimaev made a quick debut and run in the UFC, and wasn’t very well known before this time. his crazy knockout game almost made it look too easy for him and because of this he became a UFC superstar star in no-time.


but where did this all start?


Khamzat Khizarovich Chimaev, born May 1, 1994), is a Russian-born Swedish professional mixed martial artist of Chechen ethnicity who competes in the welterweight and middleweight divisions of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


Chimaev first started training in MMA when he was 23 years old (which is super old for most UFC super stars). He trains at Allstar Training Center in Stockholm, along with two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Championship challenger Alexander Gustafsson, Ilir Latifi and Reza Madadi among others. Gustafsson (one of his main training partners) told a Swedish reporter that Chimaev was one of the best fighters he had ever trained with, during a press conference in June 2019.


number 9: UFC debut and becoming a record holding superstar


Chimaev made his promotional debut in a middleweight bout against John Phillips, replacing Dusko Todorovic, on July 16, 2020. He won the fight via submission in the second round. This win earned him the Performance of the Night award.

10 days after the fight against Phillips, Chimaev faced promotional newcomer Rhys McKee at welterweight on July 25, 2020. He won the fight via technical knockout in the first round. He earned his second Performance of the Night bonus award. This win also marked a new UFC record for the fastest consecutive wins in modern UFC history (10 days), although the official UFC record is still held by Royce Gracie, who achieved four consecutive wins within one night at UFC 2.

It was reported on September 6, 2020 that Chimaev would have another quick turnaround as he was booked to face Gerald Meerschaert on September 19, 2020 at UFC Fight Night 178.

He won the fight against Meerschaert via knockout just 17 seconds into round one. This win earned him his third straight Performance of the Night award. This also earned him a new record, as it was the fastest three fight winning streak in modern UFC history (66 days).


Number 8:  Crazy MMA record and winning gold medal in wrestling


When you look at Khamzat’s MMA record all you see is green, the flawless record is something you do not see every other day in pro mma fighters and this sets chimaev up for becoming as big as khabib currently is. He always has been blessed with a high fight IQ and has been wrestling since an early age and even won a gold medal in wrestling in Sweden, not losing a single round or point to anyone on multiple weight classes.


With a strong background in wrestling and crazy stand up power. Khamzat is set up to becoming a top contender.


number 7: Fighters are scared and turning him down to fight.


Khamzat Chimaev has been calling out a number of people on Twitter for a fight. The up and coming Welterweight has surprised everyone with his upward trajectory in the company.


Among the people he had called out was #5 ranked Welterweight Stephen Thompson. 'Wonderboy' turned it down, saying that it did not make sense for a top contender like him to fight someone new like Khamzat Chimaev.


Even though it makes sense in a way, barely anyone he called out has accepted his invitation and it is starting to look like no one dares fighting him.


Maybe it is because he is pointing at the big guys like Champion Israel adesanya and OG legends like Nate Diaz…


hopefully, we see a khamzat returning to the octagon in July of 2021, posssibly facing Neil magny and making a SMASHING ufc return so he can continue calling out the bigger guys.


Number 6: covid struck him hard and almost made him stop competing.


Chimaev was scheduled to face Leon Edwards in a high-profile UFC bout in January 2020 and again in March, but he was forced to withdraw both times because of complications caused by COVID-19. The 26-year-old flew to Las Vegas in February to receive medical treatment, only to abruptly hint at retirement in a social media post on March 1.


Chimaev quoted:


"If you are sick, you cannot think about a fight," Chimaev said. "I was thinking, 'One month, sick. Then still, two months. When am I going to be finished with this s---?' I'm healthy now, hungry again. I want to get back and smash somebody and make money."”


Chimaev, who was born in Chechnya and lives in Sweden, also revealed he recently underwent surgery in his native Chechnya to address lingering medical issues.


Maybe him refusing to stop training even while being sick did not benefit him in making a speedy recovery…


Number 5: Khamzat and connor mcgregor been on a feud since forever.


Connor mcgregor has been calling Khamzat a “rat lip” since khamzat threatened to come and beat up conor mcgregor in ireland.


Khamzat explained in an interview, that he was tired of connor disrespecting Khabib, talking about his religion and more and so khamzat couldn't wait to see conor getting beaten up, or as chimaev likes to say “get smashed”


do you think there is a possibility connor and chimaev get in the octagon in the future? let us know in the comments below!


Number 4: Khamzat loves trash talking on social media.


Kamzat is known for trash talking and calling out nearly everyone on the UFC roster, his crazy run in the UFC must have given him all the confidence in the world and there is nothing he would rather do than to SMASH everyone in a single night.  He even talks about fighting multiple opponents in one night and taking on Current champion Israel adesanya with ease.


he also called out the likes of Steven wonderboy thompson, Nate diaz and leon edwards. Many of who think he needs to win more fights before deserving to fight them…


Let’s just hope Khamzat makes a speedy recovery so we can see what he is really made of and if he can make his words come true.


I know for a fact, that me and you cannot wait for him to return to the octagon and start “SMASHING” people again.


number 3: fighting style


Despite his grappling abilities, Chimaev will also strike in his contests. Although his striking is still relatively unknown and untested, it involves heavy knockout power from the orthodox stance while utilizing basic boxing and mixing up kicks. He also uses his wrestling to set up his strikes by feinting different takedowns and vice versa. By using his striking, Chimaev has been able to knock UFC veteran Gerald Meerschaert out in 17 seconds with a single punch. He has previously used it to drop past opponents on the regional circuit, including former combat sambo World Champion Ikram Aliskerov.



number 2: personal life and how he got scarred for life.


Khamzat has an older brother named Artur, who competes in freestyle wrestling. Chimaev represents Sweden in MMA competition, having moved to Kalmar when he was 19 years old. He carries a notable scar on his lip, which he got at the age of two when he fell down on concrete stairs, leaving him unable to breathe correctly through one nostril.

Before he began competing professionally, he worked at a poultry factory in Kalmar and also did security work.

It’s safe to say, Chimaev came from nothing, working in a poultry factory and did an unbelievable job rising to the UFC and becoming such a star in such little time.


Number 1: is Khamzat the new and improved khabib 2.0 ?


Chimaev often utilizes his freestyle wrestling in his fights to get his opponents to the ground. Once he is on top control, he employs different techniques to gain control over his opponents and land heavy ground-and-pound or seek submissions, while forcing his weight towards them. His grappling is very often compared to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s, due to the similarities of the techniques, such as the handcuff lock and hooking the legs. Regarding strikes, Chimaev landed 192 strikes and got only 2 back in return in his first two UFC bouts utilizing this strategy.Chimaev also proved its effectiveness on the regional circuit as well, with a quick win over former two-time GHSA wrestling champion Sidney Wheeler after taking him down with an outside trip.

His stats are looking good and many believe him to become as big as khabib is and always will be,


let’s just hope he recovers completely from his injuries and continues “smashing” his opponents in the most elegant style.


well that was it for today’s episode guys, Khamzat chimaev is definitely someone to be at the lookout for and we cannot wait to see him smash more opponents once he is fully recovered.


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