Kevin Holland: MMA news you should know (ESPN 2021)

is Kevin Hollands  hype train over after his last loss against derek brunson and Marvin Vettori?

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Kevin “trailblazer” Holland has literally been on a blazing trail after winning 5 consecutive UFC fights in 2020 and is well knows by the nickname “big mouth” Big boss Dana white gave him.

in todays video we will find out of the hype is real or not  and learn some other fun facts about Kevin holland upcoming and past career as a professional mma fighter.

And maybe we even reveal how he received his notorious nickname “big mouth”


Number 10 - Who actually is kevin “trailblazer” holland?

Maybe you haven’t followed the UFC as vividly as others have and you are not sure who kevin holland actually is. So let’s give him and his fight career a little review first

Kevin holland is a middleweight contender born on November 5th in 1992. He has been a professional mma fighter since 2015 and before getting started in the UFC he fought for bellator, king of the cage and legacy fighting alliance but as of december 14, 2020, he is ranked as the #10 middleweight contender in the UFC.

Born in Riverside, California and raised in Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario, Holland started martial arts training when he was 16 years old and was a fan of Georges St-Pierre. He fell in love with the UFC after watching UFC 100, the first time he'd watched the UFC, when he was visiting his father in Philadelphia.


Number 9 - kevin holland didn’t get a UFC contract from his win in Dana white’s contender series but still was allowed to fight in the ufc.

Holland appeared in Dana White's Contender Series: Season 2, Episode 1. He faced Will Santiago and won the fight via unanimous decision on June 12, 2018. Even with the win, Holland was not offered a contract on show but he was brought in to face Thiago Santos at UFC 227.

which is very uncommon, but as he is nicknamed big mouth, Dana thought it would be interesting to see if he could make his words come through and so he invited kevin to give it a shot in the UFC.

Holland made his UFC debut on August 4, 2018 against Thiago Santos at UFC 227 He lost the fight via unanimous decision.

His next fight came on November 24, 2018 at UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2 against John Phillips. He won the fight via a submission due to a rear-naked choke in round three.


Number 8 - Kevin holland doesn’t care so much about winning but more so about showing that his grind is real to his fans. 

Holland is only concentrating on proving to the fans and to the people that his grind is real. And a win over Brunson on his fight night on 20 March will certainly establish that point. ‘Trailblazer’ is not even worried about the rankings too as he will fight whoever the UFC finds suitable for him next. (Kevin is known for taking fights on a short time notice and saying YES to every fight he is offered).

unfortunately, Brunson came out with a win over Kevin and stopped his hypetrain for a ltitle bit.

but even though he lost, Kevin could not stop trashtalking during the fight and might even fight again just 2 months after his loss.


He quoted:

“I will do whatever it takes to continue to fight you know, whether it’s going up going down, going side going around, I don’t care. I will continue to fight. And all the people worried about rankings and stuff like that will take the number away from my name and just let me fight bums again. I don’t care,” said Holland.


Number 7: Kevin holland shares the record for most UFC fight wins in a calender year

Neil magny and Roger Huearta are the only fighters who managed to win 5 times in a year too. but Kevin is the only one achieving this at middleweight.

With his big mouth and unique kung fu fight style, he has us wondering if he can make it as big as conor mcgregor did in the UFC.

what do you think? is Kevin champion worthy or is it all hype?

Let us know in the comments.


Number 6: Unique fighting style. 

Like all other UFc fighters who have a fighting style, hollands fighting style is mainly kung fu, which involves speed and fast refexes.

he is a second degree black belt in kung fu,

something that is quiet unusual in the UFC and not many fighters use. 

this wide and very playfull style makes him a fun guy to watch and you will not have time to blink your eyes in any of his fights.


Number #5 Kevin holland won performance of the night in 3 out of his 5 fights in 2020. 

With his unique Black belt kung fu  style, Trailblazer knows how to keep the fans entertained. His fights truly go by the “don’t Blink” saying.. with his unique kit of spinning kicks and flying knees. Kevin secured an extra $150.000 in 2020 alone with these performance of the night bonuses. 

This is next to his estimated 250.000 earnings from winning 5 fights in a single year.

Kevin loves to spend his money on fast cars and expensive shoe’s and loves to show these of on his social media accounts.


 Number 4: Kevin holland started MMA for quite the unusual reasons…

Trailblazer  got into mma because he had to earn extra credits to pass his school years. unlike fighters like Khabib, who were wrestling with bears at the mere age of 7. Kevin wasn’t a born fighter and discovered his love for the sport later down the line.

Even though, he didn’t start at an early age. Kevin still made his way up in the ufc rankings to be the number 10 ranked middleweight and is looking to be a top contender if he could secure a win over Marvin Vettori in UFC vegas 23.


Number 3: Kevin holland loves playing video games and describes them as his biggest hobby (next to fighting of course)

Isn’t it funny how some of these ruthless fighters love playing video games on the side? You would say it is kind of nerdy right? but trailblazer loves to play some assassin creed or GTA5 after a rough training session. he even told us that he bought EVERYTHING in the whole GTA 5 online game.

 Of course, one other favorite game is UFC online and he said after letting this know, he would go on a strike if the game creator  EA doesn’t give him a spot in the game.


Number 3: How did Kevin Holland acquire his nickname “bigmouth” ?

Some fighters are like a deep ocean, quiet and calm. But not Kevin, Trailblazer loves to be a showman and play mind games with his opponents. Even during his fights he cannot stop talking and loves to get into the heads of his opponents.

Playing mental warfare and making jokes as if the fight doesn’t even bother him.

It’s quiet the show every time he fights and him winning 5 times in 2020 is sure to give his confidence a fine boost too. 

During his last fight versus Brunson, he was even yelling at Khabib asking him for grappling advice. Khabib told him to focus on the fight.

Do you think being a loudmouth in the cage or before a fight helps and gives you the edge? or will it be his demise and cause him to get overconfident..

we will see in his upcoming figthts this year.


Number 2: Kevin holland and current champion Israel adesanya REALLY do not like each other. 

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya was in attendance for Kevin Holland’s first round destruction of late replacement Charlie Ontiveros at UFC Fight Night: Hall vs Silva. Seconds after the finish, during his post-fight celebration, Holland jumped on the octagon fence and began bickering back and forth with the champion. Later in interviews, both Holland and Adesanya played off the encounter, yet subtly insinuated the chance of a later meeting.

If Holland keeps winning and Adesanya is still the champion, there is absolutely a possibility this fight can be made in late 2021. With the right timing, Adesanya vs Holland could be a massive fight in the middleweight division. Considering the outspoken personalities and captivating fighting styles of both competitors, we’ll certainly have to keep our eyes peeled for any developments on this potential future tilt.

On a side note, if Holland gets the Adesanya bout, he would be the first fighter to hold a reach advantage over the champion.


Number 1: Can Kevin holland be the next UFC super star? 

With israel adesanya on a loss versus current light heavy weight champion Jan blachowicz, he soon has to defend his middleweight crown but we aren’t quiet sure yet who that will be. His upcoming fight versus Vettori will be a very important fight for him and his career.

His loud mouth and unique kungfu fight style make him someone to remember and gives him the edge with getting traction and being asked for bigger fights and getting noticed.

Of course, him winning 5 times in a single years also helps with this and kind of reminds us of the times when Conor mcgregor was coming up.

Do you think Kevin wil blaze a trail all the way to the top?


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