Cory Sandhagen Top 10 Facts you did NOT know


Welcome to another epesid of Primal MMA. Today we present to you the top 10 facts about Corey Sandhagen you probably didn’t know. Do you think the Sandman can knock people out with flying knee’s all the way to championship level? Let’s find out today!

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First, Who is corey Sandhagen”

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Sandhagen said: I am from just right outside Denver in Colorado. I grew up like any other normal child. Growing up, I was really competitive in basketball, which was the sport that I was playing when I was growing up. I was getting more burnt out with that as the year wore on and that’s when I signed up at a mixed martial arts gym. I later attended the University of Colorado. Got a degree in psychology and was training in mixed martial arts through college.


Sandhagen made his Legacy Fighting Alliance debut on February 24, 2017 at LFA 5 against Jamall Emmers, losing the bout via unanimous decision. His next fight he won via first round TKO. Sandhagen's final appearance for Legacy Fighting Alliance came on January 19, 2018 at LFA 31, defeating Jose Aguayo via first round TKO


Sandhagen made his promotional debut at UFC on January 2018 against Austin Arnett. He won the fight via second round TKO, His next bout was at UFC Fight Night: Gaethje vs. Vick on August 25, 2018 Iuri Alcantara. After a back-and-forth affair, he won the fight via second round TKO. This fight earned him the Fight of the Night award.

After that, Sandhagen stormed through the division with armbar submission, Flying knees,
spinning wheel kick, elbows and knees to finish opponents.

That’s who Corey Sandhagen is, now the top 10 facts you must know about.

Fact 10: He won multiple world champion kickboxing titles
In his youth, Sandhagen played basketball. Eventually he grew interest in combat sports, first picking up kickboxing in which he won multiple WKA titles. After winning a WKA world title, Sandhagen began transitioning to mixed martial arts.

Fact 9: He doesn’t do trash talking

Sandhagen told Joe rogan that he doens’t like trash talking. “I want to get to the belt by earning it, I don’t want to be a smack talker. I don’t want to pick and choose fights. I want to take the fight regardless of who the opponent is and that’s how I earn the belt.”

Fact 8: He meditates daily

Sandhagen has been doing a lot of meditation. Every time I start to feel myself sinking, I focus on meditation. The sport comes with a lot of stress. In my life, there isn’t any bigger stress than knowing that I have a huge competition coming up in the future ..and it’s a fistfight, and it’s going to be in front of a lot of people. Fighting is just scary. So, I do a lot of meditation, a lot of breathing exercises, a lot of just checking in with myself to make sure that I am getting everything that I need,, even if that means that I need to take a rest and spend some time away from everyone. There are days when I get away to the mountains in Colorado, spend a day there and go hiking with my dogs. This really helps me get a grip on myself.

Fact 7: He worked as a part-time as child trauma psychologist

Apart from his mixed martial arts career, Sandhagen worked part-time at a trauma center for children and teaches mixed martial arts at High Altitude Martial Arts in Aurora, Colorado.

Fact 6: He has a major in psychology

Sandhagen attended University of Colorado Boulder, from where he graduated with a psychology major.

Fact 5: He watches a lot of youtube to learn

When he’s not traqining, Sansaggen is watches online videos to learn: ‘we have access to watch so many fights. There's YouTube where anyone can put anything and share their knowledge and information that they know. The sport is evolving and if you’re not in the gym training every day, then you’re falling behind because the sport is moving pretty quickly.

Fact 4: Knock outed hall of famer edgar brain within 30 seconds.

Edgar fell awkwardly to the canvas after he was knocked out cold by a Sandhagen flying knee just 28 seconds in. When a physician asked Edgar the date, he initially replied September or December. He said his memory did return as he was being transported to a hospital to undergo a CT scan. That’s how powerful Sandhagen can be.

Fact 3: He has a net worth of $1 million.

Cory Sandhagen Total MMA Recorded Fight Earnings: $666,300 Estimated Total Net Worth: $500,000-1 million dollars (USD). Biggest payout was his fight against Marlon Moraes at UFC Fight Night: Moraes vs Sandhagen ($215,000)

Fact 2: He Loves Coaching

Cory began teaching because he loves to help people accomplish their goals. Whether it be to fight, lose weight, meet people, or just have a good time, Cory wants to get them there. He wants people to experience the same incredible, positive people he experienced in MMA.

Fact 1: He search the balance between smart and brutal

Talk to just about any fighter and they’ll tell you the importance of using your mind during a fight. A good fight IQ, they’ll say, is critical.

Cory Sandhagen would tell you, though, that being intelligent can be a curse as well as a blessing in the fight game.But as he learned from friend and occasional training partner Ryan Hall, there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to thinking your way through a fight.

“You can’t really outsmart your way into being brutal,” said Sandhagen, who is ranked No. 2 in the loaded 135-pound division. “What we’re doing is quite brutal, and it’s really intense. The only way to get good at doing the act and putting yourself into a headspace of being really brutal, because that’s how you have to be to walk into a fight, at least for me, is balancing that with making really good decisions in a fight.


So that is it for the most important facts you need to know about Cory Sandhagen. Please let us know what you think about and on which fighter we should cover next?


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