Colby Covington top 10 must now facts you did NOT know

Did colby covington really win a round against kamaru usman with a broken jaw? and is he still relevant now that donald trump is not president anymore?

find out in today’s video where we uncover 10 facts you did not know about colby covington.

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number 10: Covington is known for his “viral” trashtalking


Colby does honour his nickname “Chaos”. he is known for his disrespectful trash talking and even called the likes of Lebron james a  “spineless coward”.  He calls LeBron James a ‘Chinese finger puppet’ in another interview, colby definitely knows how to get some eyes on him and does so in elegant fashion, often making funny call out video’s with extremely hot girls around him. some hate him, some love him. but you cannot deny Covington knows how to get attention from the media, making him a good money fight and any pay per view UFC headliner.




number 9: Colby is a vivid donald trump supporter.


Colby is known for having ties to the trump family and loves to brag about this. even giving the president a call at a press conference. colby loves showing of his love for the “make america great again” movement and does so with the classic red hat.


If you thought Donald Trump's demoralising defeat in the US presidential election spelled the end for Colby Covington's online rants, then think again.

Unfortunately, the former UFC interim welterweight champ is back on social media after a short layoff.

And while he's shifted his focus from pro-Trump ramble onto other topics, he's still just as vocal as ever.




number 8: who actually is colby covington?


Covington was born in Clovis, California on February 22, 1988. His parents are Noelle and Brad Covington, and he has two sisters named Candace and Callie. The family moved from California to Oregon when he was eight years old. His father was a wrestler during his time at the Oregon Institute of Technology and Southern Oregon University.


Colby Covington made his martial arts debut at a very young age when he used to study at the Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon. Covington also joined a wrestling program at the University of Iowa. Over there he found himself in a lot of trouble with the police and was arrested for eluding police and driving under the influence.








number 7: Colby had a crazy wrestling career before joining the UFC.


When Covington was in Iowa Central Community College, he won in the 165 lb category. He got the national junior wrestling title for this fight. Colby moved to the eminent wrestling program at Iowa State University after winning the junior championship. Interestingly, Jon Jones was his roommate during the community college days. But Jones and Covington do not look eye to eye at the moment thanks to the harsh words Covington has said abut Jones in the past.

Colby Covington went ahead to study at the Oregan State University. He was named the All-American Champion at the Oregan State University in 2011. He won twice at the Pan-10 Conference in 2011 and 2012 organized by National Collegiate Athletic Association. The boxer also won the FILA 77 kg No-GI Grappling World Championship in 2013. Covington carried his wrestling pedigree into the world of MMA and has been able to dominate some of the biggest names in the game with it.





number 6: Colby makes GOOD money and has a high net worth for a fighter.


After the fight at AFC 21, he signed a new deal with UFC promotions. Later, in 2014, he made his debut at Fight Night 48 and received a guaranteed purse of $10,000 to show and $10,000 for winning the fight against (Anying Wang). In 2014, he was introduced to another main event fight with (Wagner Silva). He received a guaranteed $24,000 and $3,500 bonus payout at Fight Night 56 fight card.


Covington purse per fight increased after having the main-card fight with (Max Griffin) at UFC 202. A source reported UFC 202 fighters salaries according to their details, Covington $42,000 guaranteed money including winning bonus and $5,000 from sponsorship money. His payout hike from $300k to $500k per fight in 2019. He received his career highest purse money $500k for the fight against Kamaru Usman and is currently worth around 2.500.000 million dollars.

Now that is what we like to call an “chaotic” explosion of money for colby.




number 5: Colby’s was one of the first fighters to join world renown american top team


The owner of American Top Team Dan Lambert offered Colby Covington to work in his gym. The role was that of a wrestling trainer in the year 2011. American Top Team is one of the very first teams in mixed martial arts. Its main academy is in Florida with affiliations throughout the United States. After his recruitment into the team, there was no looking back for the American.

The Chaos made his mixed martial arts debut on February 11, 2012. His first match was at the Midtown Throwdown against Chris Ensley. He won the match through a submission hold. He turned professional in the year 2012 after accumulating a record of 5-0. Colby signed with UFC in 2012.



number 4: Colby chaos is actually one of the best welterweights in the world.


While he's not taking aim at LeBron or other "woke athletes", Covington is pleading with the UFC for a rematch against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

The division king, known simply as 'The Nigerian Nightmare', famously shattered Covington's jaw in their title bout back in December of 2019 - thus putting their grudge match to bed.

But after a huge win over welterweight icon Tyron Woodley in September, Covington will claim he's next in line for another shot at the 170-pound belt.

And unfortunately, he's probably right. Uncle dana confirmed that the next opponent for Kamaru usman will probably be colby covington after he defeated Jorge masvidal for the second time with a mind blowing one punch knockout.




number 3: Colby had to change his persona to remain his career in the UFC


Well, Colby created a “Bad Guy” persona for himself to save his MMA career. And it is safe to say that he has been able to get the attention of the mass with the heel persona. Colby has been able to create a rivalry with pretty much everyone in the welterweight division and even with his teammates such as Jorge Masvidal, and Dustin Poirier.

However, Colby’s heel character does not justify his skils inside the UFC octagon. Colby Covington is a phenomenal mixed martial artist. And despite all the hatred he receives from the fans, Colby Covington always delivers when it matters the most.


number 2: colby shows a lot of love to the american soldiers.


Aside being a big supporter of Donald trump and the united states, Covington is a huge supporter of our soldiers, the guys who he considers to be the true heroes. He not only supports them in his heart and mind, but also  loves spending time with them to show them his respect. He even took some time in May during fleet week in New York, and spent the entire week with the troops on the USS New York. He even commented that the experience was the second best time in his life.




number 1: Colby has an incredible high pain tolerance.


He’s tough and despite the haters hating them, they know how tough Covington is. Although he gave the fight against Usman his all in the T–Mobile arena at the end of last year, receiving a non-displaced midline mandible fracture may have been what put it over the top for him in not being able to keep the fight in his favor. Despite the pain with continued punches being made to the broken jaw, he fought through to the end but wound up losing to Usman with just 50 seconds left on the fight. he did even win one round with a broken jaw.


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