Best No-Gi Fight Gear for MMA, Jiu-Jitsu & other Martial Arts in 2021

Fighters love to stand out. From the iconic gear of fighters like Anderson Silva to current stars like Israel Adesanya and Conor McGregor. 

If you’re just getting into fighting, you’ll need to pick up some fight gear specially made for BJJ, MMA and other Martial Arts.

Regular gym gear will do fine for your first couple of days, but after a while you’ll notice a real loss in quality, performance, and safety. Both for you and those around you.

We’ll try to explain everything you need to know in this article to maximize your performance, durability, safety and style.

Rash Guard Long/Short Sleeve
First of all, you’ll need more than one rashguard, and you’ll probably need them in both a long and short-sleeved version as well. Rashguards come in all shapes and sizes, but the two main categories that you need to consider are size and quality. 
Men's Compression Short
A few different pairs of spats are also unavoidable, as are a couple of pairs of shorts. A good pair of martial arts shorts will give you the full range of motion that you need. For MMA, this means you’re able to spread your legs enough to pull off attacks like armbars and triangles, as well as providing unhindered motion in moves on the feet, such as takedowns and sprawls.
Shin Guards
Shin guards are a type of protective equipment used to prevent injuries to the lower leg martial arts like MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Wearing shin guards makes training and competing easier and avoids injuries. 
You will have to get two different kinds of gloves. One for fighting and one for training/sparring. Mixed martial arts fighting gloves weigh 4 oz, 6 oz, or 8 oz. Boxing gloves tend to have quite a bit more padding on them, and some of them will weigh 14 oz. , 16 oz. or 18 oz.
Final Say

So here you go, our best Fight Gear for MMA, No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu & other Martial Arts. We know it’s not an easy task to find the perfect fight gear. Therefore we want to help you on your martial arts journey.

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