10 UFC champions Dana White NEVER wanted as a champion (must read)

As much dana white would all his champions to make him buckets of cash, and be super easy to work with. thats just not the reality of the ufc, so today we thought it would be fun to look at 10 past title holders the promotions president absolutely could not stand and didnt want as champion,


we are not saying they never got a long.


but these 10 champions did wear divisional crowns and completely or in part pissed of the boss in doing so.


welcome to another episode of Primal mma, these are the 10 fighters dana white never wanted as champion.




Number 10: George St.Pierre.


you either die a hero or you live long enough to piss dana off. GSP was certainly good business for the ufc during his reign as welterweight champion and during those times saint pierre and Dana got along just fine.


but following his controversial victory over johny hendricks at ufc 176  GSP was planning on taking some time away and just like that there was trouble.


White was fuming about the judges decisions post fight.


“ i am blown away that gsp won that fight, does anybody here think johny hendriks  didnt won that fight?”


more so than the decision, the ufc president was having none of the champions desire to take a break.


“ you owe it to the fans, you owe it to that belt, you owe it to this company and you owe it to johny hendriks to give him that opportunity to fight again. “


White would later while not revealing them, dismiss GSP’s reasons to needing some time away.


“ you know he is very emotional, got some shit that’s going on with him right now. it really is not that bad. “


a month later GSP vacated his title and left this giant disaster behind him, for a few years.


he would return in 2017,moving up to middleweight, take the title  from michael bisping at ufc 217.


one of the stipulations of getting that fight was that GSP had to defend against robert whittaker if he won,


george vacated his belt again…


Can you guess Dana’s reaction to this?




Number 9: Chris Cyborg


Damn…  where to start with this one?


how about 2012 when cyborg popped for steroids and was stripped of the Strikeforce title. a few months later Ronda Rousey would win her bantamweight debut in the promotion many fans believing she did so to avoid a bout with Chris. from here their paths diverged, cyborg was sent to Invicta and Rousey became the biggest star in the UFC. but the calls for a cyborg Rousey fight never went away.


the response was always the same by Dana and Ronda though. make ufc 135 and will do it, along the way both took shots at cyborgs appearance. Rousey calling Chris an  “it” in a Yahoo interview.


Dana when asked about Rhonda's comments giving this infamous reply: “ when I saw her at the MMA Awards she looked like Wanderlei Silva in a  dress and heels”


for years  it was the same line white would make the fight today if cyborg could make 135 pounds. many fans felt like the UFC was simply protecting Ronda but things started coming together in 2015 when Chris signed with the UFC, immediately they ran into some trouble


cyborg was basically dying making  weight at 140 pounds and Ronda lost her title. a

shift towards a featherweight division specifically for cyborg, finally lightend things up between white and his new 145 pound champion but they would sour again once  Nunez shocked the world and ko’d cyborg in less than a minute at UFC 232. one fight later a victory over Felicia Spencer Chris's contract was up.


post fight cyborg was calling for a new contractor to rematch with Nunez, a fight Dana said Chris didn't actually want.


this is when things went off the rails. cyborg posted a doctored video of white backstage on her YouTube channel where it appeared as if he was saying he was lying about her.


and that was really the last straw after years of contention Dana released a video explaining his site of their long complex history.


and it hilariously citing GDRs fears about cyborg PED use and then ended their relationship with this simple phrase: “ we're out of the cyborg business”


it's probably safe to say this one is over for good




Number 8: Jan Blachowicz


Jan Blachowicz managed yet another impressive underdog victory at UFC 259 when he scored a unanimous decision win against middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. Blachowicz ran away with the fight on the scorecards with scores of 49-45, 49-45, and 49-46 passed in from Derek Cleary, Junichiro Kamijo, and Sal D’Amoto respectively.

The 49-45 scores recognized a 10-8 round for Blachowicz in round five and that’s something that UFC president Dana White definitely didn’t agree with.

the big boss clearly wasn’t happy with the results and would have loved to see the famous middleweight champ acquire gold at light heavy weight too since this would cause a huge uproar in the ufc devisions and who knows what could have happened to Adesanya afterwards.

This maybe wasn’t a personal feud between jan and Dana, but dana is sure to take a better look into the current scoring sustem and 10-8 rounds being handed out like hot pie’s.

what do you think? did Jan actually score better than israel adesanya or did izzy deserve the victory and light heavy weight belt?







Number 7: Colby Convington.


at first it would have seemed that Colby Covington was exactly the type of champion Dana White would want.


he was brash and in-your-face. he caused all kinds of chaos on the microphone.


but a clash with the boss would nearly clip his wings before he ever flew


the trouble started after he captured interim gold against rafael dos anjos, Dana White wanted him to fight

rival tyron woodley three months later at UFC 228.


but Covington had planned a surgery to correct a sinus issue and rejected the offer. after the fight failed to materialize several more times


white wanted Colby to fight kamaru usman but Covington wasn't in the contender business anymore and rejected the fight


so Dana gave us pin the title shot against Woodley instead at UFC 235 and stripped Colby who went on a media tour bashing white and the UFC.


“everybody knows I ain't got nothing to say to Uncle Fester”


next Colby invaded 235 fight week harassing usman  with a bullhorn, and in a now infamous video confronting Dana at a blackjack table before waiting outside the casino next to White's car.


the UFC president wasn't too impressed


“ I offered you the fight you, know I offered you the fight you could have took it now you're gonna have to wait “


four hundred-plus days after winning the interim title Covington would try to get back in the UFC's good graces by taking a short notice fight with Robbie Lawler while champion Usman was out with an injury.  after dominating the fight there was no doubt he was next in line and a title bout was scheduled for December which he would go on to lose.


after all that you'd have to wonder how Dana felt about Covington and this response when asked to comment on Colby telling the media he would hit white in the head with the title if he tried to put it around his waist says it all.


“ good luck with that he's a big mouth idiot “ Dana said.




Number 6: Tito ortiz


UFC president Dana White and retired mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz have squared off in the past, but as it turns out, the two nearly had an official showdown in the ring.

In a segment for Fox News' OBJECTified that airs Sunday, White revealed that he had spent "serious time" training for the bout, noting he even brought in a trainer.

"I absolutely would've won that boxing match," White said (h/t TMZ).

In the end, though, Ortiz "blinked," according to the UFC boss. Therefore, no official fight.

This is not the first time White has touched on the subject. A few years ago, he talked about his disappointment regarding the lack of a fight to

White conceded  that Ortiz would "murder" him in an MMA fight. When it comes to a boxing match, though, he'd take his chances.

Ortiz and White never did get a deal in place to go head-to-head in the ring—but that hasn't kept them from rumbling in the past.

So what do you think? Did that fight really never come through or was Dana just jealous of Tito’s 5 successful title defences at light heavyweight. ?



Number 5: Tyron Woodley


““Tyron Woodley Demands Apology from Dana White After He Rips woodleys UFC 214 Performance”


That is what the whole online MMA world was posting after Dana cracked down woodleys victory at ufc 214 over damian maia.


UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley took exception to criticism leveled against him by UFC President Dana White regarding his victory over Demian Maia at UFC 214


Now, years later and 4 losses in a row for Woodley. it’s looking like Dana is completely done with woodleys performance.


Dana White hints Tyron Woodley should retire after the 0-4 losing streak. and said woodley is too old at 39 to fight anymore.




Number 4: Amanda nunes


when Dana White gave a tour of his offices at the new UFC HeadQuarter, a huge image of Amanda Nunez featured prominently on one of the walls.


and while the two are now thickest thieves with white appreciating her accomplishments as the greatest female fighter ever.


things were not always that way.


Amanda núñez played the ultimate spoiler.


Ronda Rousey was a promotional cash cow and a rematch to regain her title from Holly Holm would break records.  that was until holme decided she wanted to fight Misha table while waiting from Rousey


a decision white was not happy about because the worst possible outcome came true, when tape pulled out a final round Hail Mary choke to win the fight.


so they lost the huge rematch but at least eight was Rhonda's most bitter rival, her return would still be huge.


tate was given a fight to bolster her title reign at UFC 200 against measly number four amanda Nunez.


oops... Nunez decimated Misha now all the UFC had was Rhonda's coming back, and damn did they push that.


amanda was barely featured in any of the promotion leading up to the fight, it's a wonder she was even on the poster there was no doubt who Dana and company wanted to win this one.


so long as Rousey performed Ronda mania would be running wild again in no time.


instead Nunez beat Rousey worse than Holly did, forcing the Golden Goose to retire sometimes these things happen in MMA…



Number 3: Holly holm


Anyone who has listened to Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White talk about former women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey over the past years knows he has a very high opinion of the talented Judoka.


Ronda Rousey was the UFC's unstoppable force until Holly Holm used the former champion's aggression against her to produce one of the sport's biggest upsets.

Rousey chased Holm around the ring at UFC 193 looking for the right hold and taking head shots along the way — until Holm saw an opening 59 seconds into the second round and snapped a kick to the head that immediately dropped her more fancied opponent to the canvas.

Holm  jumped on the prone Rousey, delivering several blows to her head before the referee intervened, ending Rousey's 12-fight unbeaten run and handing Holm the bantamweight title.

An ecstatic Holm jumped around the ring while Rousey stayed on the canvas as she received medical treatment amid the roar of a stunned, record UFC crowd.

"She's won a lot of fights and imposed her will on a lot of fighters," Holm said. "So I expected her to be aggressive and impose her will on me.

After the fight, White told Ariel Helwani that he was talking to UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and both agreed it is the biggest upset in UFC history.




Number 2: Michael Bisping


Given his popularity in England, Michael Bisping is one of the UFC’s biggest cash cows. But even that didn’t save him from the verbal ass-whooping he took from Dana White following his ridiculous actions at UFC 127.


According to White, Bisping intentionally kneed Jorge Rivera in the face while he was on the ground, an illegal move, and then proceeded to spit on members of Rivera’s corner.


“Mike Bisping didn’t get a bonus,” White told MMA Fighting. “And believe me, that hurts more than anything else that anybody could’ve done. I let him know exactly how I felt about it and what I expect of him in the future and he wasn’t given a bonus for that last show.”





Number 1: Aljamain sterling.

Sterling became the first fighter in UFC history to win a title by disqualification after taking an illegal knee from Yan at UFC 259 in Las Vegas. Sterling was hit with a knee to the head in the fourth round while he was a downed fighter and as a result, Yan was disqualified.

Due to the unusual and unfortunate ending to the fight, White thinks an immediate rematch has to happen. This obviously is not the way big boss Dana wants to see a 5 round title defence end, but who knows the rematch will make Dana even more cash!

Dana quoted:

“Yeah, as soon as possible,” White told reporters, including MMA Junkie, at the post-fight news conference. “Aljo went to the hospital, he’s cleared. Nothing wrong with him.”

White admitted that he was baffled at Yan’s decision to throw the knee at a clearly downed opponent, especially with the Russian in the ascendency sat that point in the fight. Two judges had Yan ahead 29-28 going into the fourth round, which was also dominating before he connected with the illegal knee.

“I think that there’s a lot of fatigue, frustration,” said White. “It was a good fight, but the thing is he was turning it on. He was starting to win the fight, he was starting to absolutely, positively take control of that fight. He was winning. You could see Aljamain Sterling breaking. Why you would throw that knee, I couldn’t tell you.”


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