10 MMA fighters who got SERIOUSLY hurt (part 2)


injuries happen in every sport, but injury severity obviously depends on the sport.


we’ve all seen crazy injuries in sports like soccer, boxing and basketball. 


but when it comes to a sport where there are no limits, such as mma.


the injuries can be quiet critical. 


i am casper from primal mma, and if you want your comment to get featured in our next video, make sure to comment on which injury you think must hurt most! i will personally reply back to you. 

Number 10 - mike perry’s lord of the ring feature


The broken nose isn’t just one of the worst injuries in UFC, it is one of the worst in MMA, period. Mike Perry threw down against the Brazilian striker Vicente Luque at UFC Fight Night 156. Unfortunately for Perry, he was on the receiving end of a flying knee that completely mangled his nose. Being the warrior that Mike Perry is, he carried on fighting and made it all the way to the final bell eventually losing a split-decision to Luque.

He required surgery to get his nose reconstructed and returned to action just 4 months later.


he truly i a beast… or an orc? 

Number 9 -   Jerome Rivera’s arm dislocation 


Jerome Rivera may hold the accolade for the worst arm injury suffered in MMA. Rivera appeared to dislocate his arm during his flyweight bout against Brandon Royval at LFA 39.

After his attempted body kick was caught, Royval drove him into the fence. Whatever way he put his hand against the cage, it reemerged dangling lifelessly beside his body. He tried to run away, but all he got for his troubles was a shin to the face. He absorbed a few strikes on the ground before the referee stepped in to put him out of his misery.

Sadly for Rivera, the referee didn’t notice the arm break right away, and this allowed him to absorb some more strikes, such as a big shin strike to the face, before he did notice after absorbing some more strikes and then jumped in to stop the fight in what was a truly bizarre and gruesome ending.


Obviously, the arm isn’t supposed to bend that way and if the clips above left you wanting to see the exact moment Rivera’s arm was dislocated, then check out the slow-motion footage.

Number 8 Aoki hinya finger treatment


The dirtiest behavior in the history of MMA? Aoki breaks opponent's arm and then flips him off


It was an ugly night at times for DREAM and Sengoku as the Japanese promotions combined to battle at Dynamite! 2009 in Saitama, Japan on New Year's Ever. A very solid fight card was marred by the out-of-control behavior of Japan's biggest MMA star Shinya Aoki. The 26-year-old jiu-jitsu ace snap his opponent's arm and gave everyone he could the middle finger. That included his downed victim Mizuto Hirota, the crowd and Hirota's corner


Aoki apologized for flipping everyone the bird:

"After my fight, I was excited, and so I did something rude that I should apologize for. But that showed just how excited I was over that fight."

But he wasn't about to say sorry for cracking Hirota's humerus:

Number 7 - alexey oleynik ankle


Alexey Oleinik suffered a right leg fracture in a 12-second fight with Walt Harris at UFC San Antonio on Saturday.

When the heavyweights stepped into the Octagon on Saturday in San Antonio no one anticipated the fight would end as quickly as it did. But probably the most surprising was the extent of the loser’s injuries seeing as the entire fight lasted only 12 seconds.

Ariel Helwani revealed on Sunday morning that Alexey Oleinik suffered fracture on his right leg due to the fight with Walt Harris and included a photo of Oleinik’s leg in a brace.

The fight, which served as the co-main event for the UFC’s return to San Antonio, TX, lasted just 12 seconds but apparently left a mark. After opening the round with a few jobs, Harris went for a flying knee and missed the mark, instead, hitting Oleinik’s shoulder. The next strike landed sending Oleinik to the canvas and ending the fight


Harris was returning to the Octagon after serving a USADA suspension after taking a tainted supplement. He hasn’t seen the inside of a cage since May 2019 and was looking to make up for lost time.


Number 6 - Leslie Smith - Exploded ear

Yes, you read that correctly. In a 2014 fight against Jessica Eye, Smith took a punch to her cauliflower ear and it duly exploded. 

It almost looked as though the ear tore in half and the referee put a stop to it shortly afterwards. 

Smith was so angry that the contest was halted that she said the pain did not register. 

'I really didn't feel anything. I don't remember it hurting at all until after the fight,' she later told ESPN

'When I watched the replay, I saw the ringside person pushing gauze all the way into my ear, and I remember that in that moment, it did hurt. Otherwise, I was so mad that they stopped the fight that I didn't feel anything.'


Number 5 -  Nogueira refuses to tap. 

When two of the best heavyweight grapplers go against each other, chances of seeing a limb break are pretty high. This is exactly what we witnessed when Frank Mir trapped the Brazilian legend Antonio “Big Nog” Rodrigo Nogueira in a tight kimura following an intense ground battle. Nogueira attempted to escape the submission and refused to tap, but it was too tight and resulted in Mir snapping his arm (right humerus). Despite it being one of the worst injuries in UFC history, uncle  Dana White called it “submission of the century”.

Nogueira recovered from his arm injury and returned to the Octagon less than a year later. He has competed 4 times since his last loss to Frank Mir.


Number 4 - sofiane boukichou leg break


Sofiane Boukichou suffered a horrific broken leg in the Cage Warriors 101 main event in Liverpool.

The French heavyweight had an outside leg kick checked early in the second round by Tom Aspinall and the bone was snapped as a result.

Boukichou, who had won five consecutive fights upon entering the heavyweight headliner at the Echo Arena, instantly went down clutching his leg in agony, with medics quickly entering the octagon.

The incident evokes memories of the injury sustained by Anderson Silva in his rematch with Chris Weidman at UFC 168 in December 2013.

Aspinall improved his record to 6-2-0, while Boukichou faced months of rehab.

Following his main event woe in Liverpool, the stricken ace saw plenty of supportive comments on social media.


One fan posted: "Ugh, poor guy.. that's almost as gnarly as Silva's one. Hope he makes a full recovery."

While another added: "Unlucky lad, all the best and a speedy recovery."

Number 3 - leon mynhard  broken nose


Cape Town - EFC kicked off the year in superb fashion at Carnival City. The crowd in attendance were treated to action packed fights, with some incredible skill on display.

In the co-main event, the prospect of a bout between Boyd Allen and Leon Mynhardt at lightweight had MMA fans salivating. The bout was born out of a late withdrawal of contender Dave Mazany due to infection. True to form, the athletes left it all in the Hexagon in a dream fight that will live long in the memory of those who watched. Allen walked away the victor by split decision after methodically picking his opponent apart with clinical striking and superior movement. The lightweight champion’s face was evidence of Allen’s continuous onslaught, with the fight having to be paused to repair a heavily bleeding broken nose midway through the second round. After three rounds, the fans were on their feet for both athletes who put on a show to be remembered.


Number 2 - bryan jones jr leg break. 

This car wreckage-like injury took place on the undercard of Cage Quest 1, the same night that Ronda Rousey, in the Strikeforce main event, submitted Meisha Tate via armbar, ripping her arm ligaments in the process.
In this middleweight contest, Justin Lee Fowler slammed and unknowingly snapped the left leg of the unfortunate Bryan Jones Jr., leaving the referee no option than to call a halt of proceedings at 0:30 of the opening stanza.
A sight for sour eyes would be an understatement.
For that added bit of drama, check out the crowd’s reaction—“Oh my God” one lady screams on several occasions


when watching this, your stomach will immediately turn and have you screaming OH MY GOD! 

Number 1 - Anderson Silva’s Leg break


This was the leg break of leg breaks, the legend of the noodle leg where it all started. 

Silva was heard howling in pain and had to be taken from the cage on a stretcher after the sickening blow. 

It was the other leg, but the same bones snapped for the UFC great and he took 13 months to fully recover. 

Those fans inside the arena and back home watching the broadcast will never forget the image of Silva's limp lower leg drooping from his shin at a strange angle. 

As he was being carried from the arena, he asked his coach: 'Why did this happen to me? Why didn't God protect me?'

Fortunately, there was no damage to blood vessels or soft tissue and the breaks were clean. 

He later reflected on his fear in the aftermath of the injury, saying: 'I was afraid. I don't look at my leg. I don't see my leg. I just take the medicine and just sleep for two days.' 

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