10 MMA fighters who got SERIOUSLY hurt (part 1)

honestly trash talking plays a major role in mma, it helps promote the fights and gets people hyped up for a fight or a fighters motive to win. 


but who doesn’t love a good hit of karma when someone is showboating and gets knocked out shortly after? 


critical injuries are inevitable to happen, but that is what we are here for. 


i am casper from primal mma. and your comment might get featured in our next video if it makes me giggle. 


let me know which fighter we missed out on and i will personally reply back to you, 


now lets dive in. 

Number 10: Joanna’s alien head.


The fight was out of this world and so was Joanna’s head. The Polish strawweight suffered extra-terrestrial-like swelling of her head. 

She went five brutal rounds with Zhang Weili and endured a massive hematoma in the early stages of the title showdown. 

The injury itself stemmed from an accidental head-butt but she ploughed on regardless to play her part in a fight for the ages, losing on the scorecards. 

It was hardly surprising that Jedrzejczyk looked unrecognisable given the sheer output of both women. 

In total, 783 combined strikes were thrown from both competitors. The swelling took five days to go down and the defeated fighter underwent minor surgery from a plastic surgeon on her ear. 


Number 9 - Conor mcgregor’s noodle leg. 

We can all still hear mcgregor screaming thoughout the cage “ THAT IS A DOCTOR STOPPAGE”. 


the gruesome incident happened at ufc 265 where he faced of dustin poirier for their trilogy match. the hyped up money fight was yet another dissapointing ending in some way for the fans though, as at the end of the first round, mcgregor throws one more body kick to dustin. 


and when he steps back you can see his leg giving out below him. 


the horrific leg break of death that happened to follow fighters anderson silva and chris weidman too. 


conor is making a quick recovery and it’s being told that he is about to join the wheelchair division and have a boxing match in a wheelchair. 


it is yet unclear of he took more damage to the leg or the the head that night. 

Number 8 - liam mcgeery broken jaw. 

Liam McGeary’s rematch at Bellator 220 against Phil Davis ended in him tapping out unceremoniously with Davis raining punches down on him, but it’s hard to blame the former light heavyweight champion for submitting given the circumstances.

On Saturday, it was clear that McGeary was injured during the fight and he later confirmed on Instagram that his jaw was broken, providing both an account of the break and an x-ray.

“The jaw cracked in the second round and the tooth went in the third,” McGeary wrote. “Soon as that arm came round and touched my jaw that was enough for me guys! That hurt like a mutha f*cka and you know I can take some shit too!”


Number 7 - Eduardo dantes ankle break 


EDUARDO Dantas suffered a sickening broken leg as he was knocked out by Michael McDonald at Bellator 202

EDUARDO Dantas probably thought his day was bad enough getting beaten in the first round of his fight at Bellator 202  — but the pain didn’t end there.

Michael McDonald took less than a minute to win the bantamweight bout via TKO. He opened with a body kick then after a brief respite was at Dantas again. An attempted knee to the abdomen was followed up by a brutal right hand that sent the Brazilian crashing to the canvas.

The man they call “Mayday” pounced, jumping on Dantas and unleashing a barrage of punches as his opponent tried desperately to squirm away.

But there was no saving Dantas as McDonald secured top position and kept hammering him with blows. The referee said enough was enough and intervened to stop the fight after just 58 seconds.

McDonald, who put himself forward as a genuine bantamweight title contender with the win, broke his left hand but Dantas’s fate was far worse. He suffered what looked like a horrific broken bone after his right leg twisted under the weight of his own body when he was floored by McDonald’s right hook


Number 6 - augusto sakai eye cut


UFC heavyweight Augusto Sakai was left with a horror gash on his face following his knockout defeat to Alistair Overeem at the weekend.

It was the Brazilian's first loss since May 2017, with his 40-year-old 66-fight veteran opponent winning via TKO in the fifth round in Las Vegas

Overeem unleashed a brutal ground and pound attack in the final round of their bout as he continued to work on the huge cut by Sakai's left eye.

With Sakai being bombarded by vicious elbow strikes, referee Herb Dean jumped in to stop the contest and save the 29-year-old from receiving further punishment.

Speaking after the fight, Overeem said: "Augusto is a tough guy, and an up-and-comer. We kind of knew that he’d take the punishment.

"But I was very well prepared but we did it, again, at 40 years of age.”

Number 5 - khetag pliev missing finger 


MA fighter Khetag Pliev had to have a finger surgically reattached after it was severed during the second round of a fight in Philadelphia.

The fight, which was part of an event put on by Cage Fury Fighting Championship and aired on UFC Fight Pass, was stopped when the referee noticed Pliev was missing his left ring finger.

For several minutes, those in the venue were searching for the stray digit. Event promoter Rob Haydak said officials looked all around the cage, and there was even an announcement over the PA system asking people to look for it inside 2300 Arena.

Haydak said it was ultimately discovered that the finger had come off and was lodged inside Pliev's glove all along


Number 4 - james vick orbital break


During the fight, Vick was completely dominated. One of the last punches that Andre landed broke Vick’s orbital and displaced his jaw. Since the fight, Vick took to Instagram to announce his retirement from fighting


he former UFC competitor announced his retirement shortly after losing to Andre Fialho at XMMA during their main event fight, displacing his jaw in the process. 

Many fans thought that Vick planned on retiring shortly after his release from the UFC. At that time, Vick was on a 4 fight losing streak with three of the four losses coming by way of knockout. However, 15 months later, Vick fought Fialho.

“Idk where to start this. Few days ago I took the worst loss of my career. I went out on my shield like I always have like a warrior. I am very sorry to everyone who helped and believe in me so much this last year,” James wrote.

Number 3 - Cris cyborg face cut


if you're eating lunch, ya might wanna put down the BLT ... 'cause Cris Cyborg is showing off her battle wound from UFC 240 ... and it's a doozy!!

The UFC superstar needed a bunch of stitches following her fight with Felicia Spencer .. after getting a deep gash on her forehead in the 1st round.

Of course, Cyborg fought through the cut and ended up with the decision win like a badass ... and now she's proudly showing off the post-fight damage

"I could see my skull after #UFC240!" Cyborg said.

Number 2 - GRAIG NINOW - nose break


A fight between Craig ‘Nemo’ Ninow and Nkazimulo Zulu at EFC Africa 24 in 2013 set the stage for one of the worst nose breaks you are ever likely to see.

During the fight Zulu landed a crushing kick to Ninow’s head, with the impact of his shin bone landing hard on Ninow’s nose, all but obliterating it

Remarkably Ninow fought on to a split draw verdict on the scorecards, but the post-fight pictures of the damage were stomach-churning, with his nose appearing to be folded in at the middle.


Number 1 - the MVP of the series!  Cyborg santo broken and caught in a pokeball 


this is one for the books and almost the whole world must have seen this injury before. 


this night, cyborgs career was ended for good. 


as michael venom page landed a flush knee to his face and actually broke his skull.


santas is immediately so hurt that he cripples on the canvas form pain. 




MVP throws out a pokeball to make sure cyborg is not going anywhere. 


you might call this disrespect, but at that point we did not know how severe cyborg’s injury was and it actually looked quiet funny seeing michael put on the ash ketchem hat and throw a pokeball. 


the severity of this injury was shown on the scans later made in the hospital. where you can see that his skull above his eyes is broken to pieces. 


this was cyborg career and the winner of today’s ist. 


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